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Big show today, so much shit going on. We talked about  President Obama’s speech last night and broke down all his parts that effect us. We also had NORE on the show to talk about the beef he had with Perez Hilton… 2 fat latinos going at it. Apparently Perez went to NORE’s house and robbed his jewlery (watch video). We also had B-Real from Cypress Hill talking about his solo album, doing the ‘Who’s Next” show tonight and getting stoned with Oliver Stone…. My Lawd.  Plus tons more so enjoy party people and please let me know what you think.

Click here to listen and download

Click here to listen download the full B-Real interview

- Cipha Sounds

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19 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/25/09 – ASH WEDNESDAY”

  1. ciph,

    keep doing it live, good look on the mobb deep & make sure you

    catch EASTBOUND & DOWN series on H.B.O. (hilarious)

    thanks for posting the morning shows because it’s the only radio

    i listen to literally. i like turtles………..

  2. Super early post!!! Peace Ciph!!!

  3. Appreciate the dedication to the early posts Ciph! Peace!

  4. props for posting the full B-Real interview – your interview with Ray J was dope as well!


  6. Nore vs Perez- Hilarious!! I watched it go down on Twitter.

    Thanks Ciph

  7. Sounds like another great show this morning and that Quiet Storm demo made my day. Also, I haven’t been paying attention to the comments recently but has anyone heard Flex shout out Ciph (and the rest of the Big Dawg Pitbulls) in the new GTA4 game Lost and the Damned? Might not be the biggest deal but I was impressed.

  8. juan epstien b-real ????

  9. You know that sh#t’s recorded. Stop holding back Ciph

  10. rosenberg whining bout g mail that dude dont even check his mail anymore

  11. […] Big Boys Neighborhood – 02/25/2009 Click Here To ListenTags: nore, perez hilton CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 2/25/09 – ASH WEDNESDAY – 02/25/2009 Big show today, so much shit going on. We talked about  President […]

  12. Lol, the Peter Parker Chronicles. Ciph that would be funny as hell if you did that.

  13. Ciphs funny as hell for that 50 Cent angie interview haha
    thanks for the post

  14. Sharebee is giving out malware/trojans.
    PLEASE consider giving direct links to zshare from now on. PLEASE!
    Otherwise, I can’t listen to/download your show.

  15. @nanyanen : oh really? that sucks, todays show is on zshare. let me know if thats better.

  16. @ mr.glasses : no problem.

  17. @ Emilio: see, you have class. you understand true art.

  18. @ polar from toronto: I didn’t even know he did that, I gotta listen to that.

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