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MY LAAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD!!!! There is a chicken wing shortage and I have no idea what we are gonna do for Superbowl?? The one day I was gonna cheat on the diet and there’s a wing shortage??? I must be being punished. Anyway on the show today, we had Stephon Marbury talking about his status with the Knicks. We had Bobby Valentino on to discuss his concert this weekend. Also had Lisa Lampanelli on to fix the situation with Rosenberg.  So have a great weekend and catch yall on monday.

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- Cipha Sounds

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18 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/30/09”

  1. a wing shortage? ouch. that wing bowl is probably going down in philly right now. crazy super bowlers.

    wings does sound good for lunch today, however.

  2. don’t do it rosenberg… don’t u f’n do it!

  3. Thanks for the download. Appreciate it Cipha.

    Now a list of demands

    -stop sneaking commercials into the downloads
    -include Carmen’s phone jacks in downloads (i’m guessing he/she wants a check for that)
    -new Juan EP

    I’m following y’all on the diet, down 5 lbs in one week, cut the check man!!


  4. nah carmen can be kept out lol

  5. Yo awesome show. I love the way Lisa went in on Rosenberg and esp Rico!. That shit was hilarious, wish I could of seen Rico’s face while she was saying all that crazy racists shit about him, lmao! Oh btw we need a new Juan EP, even if its just you two.

  6. no chicken wings? what’s Latarian gonna do?

  7. a chicken wing shortage?! obama hasn’t even been in the white house for a full month…



  9. thanks for posting you make life a lil easier..

  10. Now that i think about it you should do a juan ep at the super bowl bash

  11. if i dont get waings ima hurt somebody

  12. kfc saucesless wings r good

  13. Yo fuck Steph. He knew Dantoni did not like him from what happend in phoenix. Donnie Walsh offered to buy him out before the season he said no I want all my money. He tried to to be on his Brooklyn bullshit and Walsh a 70 year old white man from brooklyn as well got even more gangsta on him and said oh yeah nigga you aint playin anywhere. Then when all the trades went down and the knicks had 7 healthy players he got offered playing time and he refused to play. Steph is a cancer to any team he is on. Every team he is on gets better after he leaves. He left Minnesota they came within a game of the finals one year. He left NJ they went to 2 consecutive NBA finals. He left Phoenix and they became a perrenial powerhouse. And now that he isnt they are drastically better this year than they were during his whole tenure with the knicks. FUCK STEPH.

  14. wtf Cipha? where is mondays show link? it’s 9:30am and you’re gonna make me late for work.

  15. My lawd. Is the show canceled?

  16. Man, I bet Pete was bitting his tongue when Lisa was takin’ all that crab. She can dish it, but obiviously can’t take it..

    Where’s the latest show???

  17. cipha, im suffering a withdrawal system of juan ep (i sound like a fucking broad).

    i have drop my fucking pride and now im listening to that soulja boy juan ep.

    I really didnt want to listen to it and im listening to it. i really dont like soulja boy.

    can you sell out so i can get this shit on a regular basis, i really enjoy juan ep.

    ….im about to switch this shit off, rosenberg is gay “talking bout he’ll suck mike tyson dick for a check”.

    help me out ciph…..

    (i sound like a fucking broad)

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