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What’s the word Big Bryd, today is the day… We discussed everything from American Idol to Michelle Obama being pregnant. We had Matt Pinfield on the show to break down the new Lil Wayne “Prom Queen” record. Had our boy Dr. Ian Smith from”Celebrity Fit Club” on to discuss our diet update. Also had Lisa Lampanelli on and Rosenberg said some real stupid shit to her. She got pissed off and blacked out. What a dick…. Anyway, see yall tomorrow.

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- Cipha Sounds

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30 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/29/09”

  1. only radio i listen to, not even big boy and im from LA… (waiting on a juan ep)

  2. Thanks for the early posting Cipha

    Fyi -one of my fav Juan Eps was the one ya’ll recorded between the morning show breaks.

  3. this is late, not early

    i have a feeling the daily shows are gonna go the juan ep way, and not get posted at all

  4. wtf did rosenberg say to Lisa Lampanelli?

  5. Yo rosenberg is crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! my looooooooooooord !!!

  6. I woke up to that shit. I thought it was staged. But after your 15 minute delay, I knew it was real. Lisa has to lighten up, she just finish telling a joke on how white people don’t wake up early because black people do their work. But at the same time Rosenberg did cross the line….I wonder if he cares…

  7. yo she went in on rosenberg.. lmao.. and rico scolded him like a

  8. what did he say other than ‘she’s starting early’?

  9. rosenberg said : “whose dick did you suck to get your own special” … my looooooooooooooooooord

  10. rosenberg said : “whose dick did you suck to get your own special” … my looooooooooooooooooord

  11. Yeah, all i heard was “she’s starting early”….

  12. yeah ok i just heard that…

    man rosenberg you’re a douche LOL

  13. “rosenberg said : “whose dick did you suck to get your own special” … my looooooooooooooooooord”



  14. my looooord…. rosenberg is funny… she shouldnt of spazzed like that.. thats her whole routine.. shes not that big of a star… lighten up!!

  15. i prey the show doesn’t go the way of the juan eps

  16. She called Rosenberg a loser with a dream….lol *DEAD*

    Ciph you must been mad uncomfortable during that shit…lol Tomorrows show should be hilarious. Seeing Rosenberg apologize after he’s effed up is pure comedy!


  17. “rosenberg said : “whose dick did you suck to get your own special” … my looooooooooooooooooord”

    ^^^ yo cipha did he really say that… I wanna know… why you edit it out for ???

  18. yo YBE listen to the whole show … they play what rosenberg said at the end of the show … cencored of course

  19. C’mon that’s Rosenberg’s thing… of course he’s gonna go too far from time to time but i think it’s expected. Not justified, but expected. Most of the time… it’s funny.

    Lisa Lampinelli’s whole schtick is based on the same premise. Rosenberg threw her a lob she was supposed to comeback with something equally as offensive (as a comedian should) and kept it movin… instead she blacked out. This is not an RnB diva. It’s Lisa Lampinelli.. c’mon son? I mean look at what she said out the gate… “I don’t get up for work early… I let black people do it for me” (paraphrased)

    If Rosenberg has to apologize, shouldn’t she have to apologize for her comments too?

    Good Radio by the way gentleman. Nice!

  20. i think the thing is, she’s a friend of the show. ciph just said “this is possibly my best friend” or whatever. that’s like rosenberg introducing ciph to his brother and ciph being like “who’s dick you suck to get t hose exclusive kicks”.. its disrespect b/c of the personal relationship.

    i do think its kind of wild that she went off like that, considering her (hilarious) stand-up – you think she’d be able to take those lumps, but so be it. rosenberg shoulda kept that one to himself. would he have said that face to face?

  21. GOOD FOR ROSENBERG MAKE US PROUD…. and thanks for postin the show

  22. Rico you fat bastard.

  23. anybody got a link for a hot97 stream???

  24. WTF man. She can dish it out but she can’t take it?
    As a stand-up comic you gotta be able to take the heat. booooo.

  25. LAWD. dont make me get 4chan up in hea.

  26. CIPH,

    Now you know how Cheryl David feels.


  27. Lisa dont get gassed. What she getting all mad for when she stay saying some crazy shit too.

  28. LL sounded mad pissy anyway, even before rosenberg said his ish….

    the chick calls herself an insult comic, yet she can’t laugh off one of the oldest insults in the book (“whose dick did you have to suck to “)?

    She needs to chill the fuck out, honestly. you’re calling in to a radio morning show that’s definitely a bit off-colour, would you not expect a bit of friendly joking around? fuck outta here with that blackout shit.

  29. rosenberg was wild shook

  30. Truly one of the best/funniest moments of this show!

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