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Man, I’m a different type of tired. Last night was my comedy show and it was crazy. Unfortunately it is making me a mess today.  Here is today’s shows which was fire. We talked about aphrodisiacs being true or false. Also did my friend wants to know about you boy marrying the wrong chick. And we also started something new called “Remember Whensdays” which was dedicated to 1988.   Enjoy suckas

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- Cipha Sounds

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11 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/28/09”

  1. props Ciph!

  2. is juanito dead?

  3. The part where Cipha spits the beginning of I Got It made made me long for the Shade 45 days when they did Hip Hop Karaoke.

    Yall gotta bring that back at least once a month.

  4. 1988 – Critical Beatdown baby!

  5. hell yeah i was thinking, where has juanito been?..and juan epstein dot dot dot…

  6. get joey on the show!!!! dude is hilarious

  7. co-sign, get joey on the show!!!! dude is very hilarious

  8. Roxanne Shante
    Angie Martinez
    And Rosenbergs mom
    on Juan Epstein please?

    Great morning show man. Thanks

  9. hey guys just wanted to say i love ur show in the morning i listen every morning! listened to the show this morning where lisa cursed out pete, that was uncalled for and very unproffessional but funny as hell! she as a comedian instead of acting like a woman scorned should flipped it around and joked about it, i mean really im not a comedian and could shut rosenberg down without making a complete ass of myself of radio. anywho would love to be on ur show as a guest, I have my radio and tv broadcasting degree and hands on work from montclair state university and the connecticut school of broadcasting let me teach rosenberg how its done! luv u guys!

  10. what happened to today’s show? after listening I wanted to comment on Rosenberg… I know hes trying to be funny, but I gotta say between this and the drumroll “I’m GAY!!!!” thing the other day… what is going on?

    I’m a huge fan, I started as a Late Night fan, then a Juan Ep fan, and I don’t miss downloading a morning show…it gets me through my morning at work everyday…but I think Rosie is getting a bit gassed. Bring back being a bit of humility /humbleness for what you guys have. Not trying to be too harsh, but this is a great show and team, and it would be fantastic to have it be the A squad one day.

  11. I need some more real brooklyn

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