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BOOM,  big show today. Started off  with things missing from work because of the bad economy like water cooler, scotch tape,  blank paper, ot the hot Dominican receptionist. We also talked about Homewreckers and woman that date married men. Also touched on the Alicia Keys / Swizz Beatz situation.  Aaliyah movie has been cast and they are ready to start shooting. You know we had “Showdown with Cipha Sounds”, and you won’t believe what happens. And finally we talked to Ted the baker who made the “Drunken Negro Face” cookies. You want racism….??? well you got it.

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- Cipha Sounds

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10 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/27/09”

  1. Premier !

  2. Dope show as usual. Nice pick on the KMD vid, never knew you were a fan. Anyways, have you guys seen the cover to Lil Wayne’s Prom Queen single? Here it is.

  3. Cooler than a polar bears toe nailsz.

  4. yo ciph, its a recession forreal, i work for a website design and building company and i build websites all day.. but last week they told us we using all the bandwidth.. so no more streaming videos, youtube, movies or anything like that, mind you, i gotta add that shit to client websites?? crazy.. but since i’m such a cipha sounds and rosenberg fiend, i need my daily fix to make my morning go by.. so i’m forced to downloading the mp3 to my CELLPHONE, then saving it on my memory card, then plug it into my computer to listen through media player, NOT the internet.. This is about a 20 min process just to listen to my hood rat friends in the morning.. keep up the good work

  5. I love Showdown with Cipha Sounds trivia! Ciph you talk a lot of smack…lol

    The champ is here! (c) jadakiss

    congrats homie!

  6. hey theres commercial wtf

  7. This baker dude is ridiculous… And He’s a disgrace to Greeks.

    Ciph!!! I know what those cookies are made out of.. especially since he confirmed that he’s Greek.. I’ll send you some!!!

  8. damn named Eva Mendez #1 but these niggas flip the 180 and put her at #100

  9. I was down with the commercials!!!
    Im a promo director for a few stations in Canada…
    Madd funny how conservative we are over here…
    Our ‘hero tabs’ spot is soooooo lame compared to the ‘prolaxis’ one you guys air…

    I saved it, and sent it around to our entire station staff yesterday… everyone was dying!!!

    You guys are killin it in the morning! Ive been listening from the first day you guys put em up online!

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