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Yo this is frickin crazy!!!! You have to watch this and try not to throw up and then laugh yourself to death.  This baker in New York made these crazy looking racist cookies. He says there is nothing wrong with them and he wasn’t trying to be offensive. Tell me what you think?

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. yo i cant even see what you posted up cuz im at work…. but lets just say im **subbing** for now.. anyway any chance of a new juan ep??? they blocked streaming hot 97 so juan eps my only releif..

    btw check out my remix of that ace hood cash flow what do you think?

  2. LMAO ‘my brother in law is Cuban’

    It’s disgusting but I’m not surprised.

    $3.50 for a cookie? wtf?

  3. haaaaaaaa! i posted this video on rosenberg’s site last night. i can’t front, those cookies look madd good (chocolate + cherry combo) but you might want to stay away from them while you are on your weight loss CHALLUUUNGE!!!


  4. Hellnaw! I heard dude apologized this mornin’. Still a DOUCHE BAG though.

  5. “drunken n-word cookies”


  6. someone oughtta introduce this dude’s store to a “bottled molotov gasoline” cookie. fucking racist.

  7. shameful indeed.

  8. Holy Shit, is this mofo Greek? Shame Shame Shame indeed..

    I’m embarrassed to call him Greek, much less a human.

  9. damn this is kinda sad, the blantant racism going on and on top of the cookies lookin so goddamn good too..

    i wonder if coked-out colombian face cookies are next….

  10. lafayette french pastry bakers
    26 Greenwich Ave
    New York, NY 10011

    NYC heads, show him some real funkin’ drunken negro faces.

  11. he’s like the andrew dice clay of bakers. Im sure its all in good fun… yea. right.

  12. He makes a delicious sober honkey cookie as well, if you’re in the neighborhood.

  13. Do some hoodrat shit. Do bad things.

  14. This is pissing me off! He’s lucky i don’t live anywhere near him.

  15. He should of just made them without putting such a harsh name on them. He’s entitled to how he feels, but at least be discrete.

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