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Today is Chinese New Year,  Year of the OX…. So to pay tribute we did our G.O.A.T. list, which was The Greatest Wu-Tang song of all time. We also had Ron Browz on to talk about the 75 anniversary of the Apollo Theatre.  We also had some food delivered from my favorite restaurant, Philippe Chow Express. It was delicious but bad for the diet.  It is  gourmet chinese food perfect for Chinese New Year. Also talked about the new Lil Wayne rock song, which did not get a good reaction, but you let me know.

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- Cipha Sounds

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  1. that prom queen shit is wack in my opinion. it seems like rappers in general have weak taste in rock for some reason.

  2. Prom Queen………………………I think this is another one of his alter ego’s……………..”Weezy F the Prom Queen baby”

  3. GOAT wu tang song……..Protect ya neck

  4. I’m at your door, your eyes are like “why are you here”

  5. I know this Juan Ep ish is prob a wrap soon but I still gotta put in a request… Marley Marl

    I’ve never heard a good Marley Marl interview and he must have some crazy Juice Crew/Cool J stories.

  6. yo ciph u heard bout the 14-Year-Old Charged With Impersonating An Officer In Chicago (Boy Goes On An Adventure & Tricks Cops For 5 Hours As He Walks In & Reports For Duty)….go on

    that dude did the best hood rat stuff ever n history..lmfaoooo

  7. “my style break m- fing backs like Ken Patera”

  8. oh and…
    i aint particular, i bang like ve-hicular…
    homicides, on july 4th in bed stuy

  9. 11000 downloads, not too shabby

  10. Ciph dope show, I gotta go with Wu-Gamino’s or C.R.E.A.M. as my GOAT Wu joint.

  11. donde esta juan?

  12. can you say….. Judgement Night Soundtrack?

    Year of the OX eh, does this mean we could possibly see a Canibal OX album this year? those who cleche` are inquiring…..

  13. wow 25000 downloads on zshare alone !!!! nice …

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