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Got a deal at 20… was dead at 24. I lived it and it didn’t feel that quick until I saw it on the big screen. 4 years man… all that happened in 4 years.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it…”

That’s what I took away from “Notorious.” What did you?

- Farragut Foster

FYI – I saw it in Brooklyn on Friday night, the way B.I.G. would have wanted.  Not only were the blunts and 40s in full effect, but there were a dozen officers scattered across the theatre ready to get their Oscar Grant on.  Tickets were over sold so people starting sitting on the stairs  and standing on the floor.  Halfway through the movie, the officers came in with flashlights and starting clearing0ut everyone without a seat saying that it was a “fire hazard.”  Of course, the natives refused.  There was a crazy back and forth with people asking for a refund and the cops yelling to take it up with the box office.  It got so loud that some of the people watching starting yelling at the projectionist “Yo, pause this sh*t, man.”  Eventually everything settled back down and the smell of canibus that had left when the officers came through returned to the air.

Thanks B.I.G.  I haven’t had an experience like that in a minute.

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11 Responses to “NOTORIOUS”

  1. BROOKLYN!!!!!!!

  2. lol it was hard watching it but it was mad cool because every1 in the theatre was singing along to every song lyric for lyric…what i didn’t like is how they didn’t have you at the lil kim performance and kim saying “YO DJ, YOU SABATOSHING OUR SHOW!” lol it was a great movie suppose to be #1 over the weekend so his name lives on.

  3. I loved the movie, it was just what I expected and well made.
    I didn’t take anything new away from it, just things we all should already know.
    -Follow your dreams/ perfect your craft
    -The streets are a dead end
    -Stay in school
    -Puffy rapes his artist financially
    -Kids need their father in their lives. (lmao @ Bigs dad giving Voletta $100.)
    -Kim is a jump off that doesn’t know how to play her position

  4. MAN!! i was doubting the movie before i saw it but im glad i did!! The movie brought back old memories of him, pac, hearing kim and junior mafia for the 1st time!! the movie made me feel like i was there living every moment!! live life to the fulliest, take chances, forget the risks!!!

  5. Cant wait to see this movie, looking forward to it being released in da U.K.

  6. what, no show today?

  7. Looking forward to the movie, as well as a movie on pac

  8. Where’s Today’s show ? :(

  9. Make sure you mention NOTORIOUS was #1 per theatre! It was playing in 900 less theatres then the other movies, and avg over $2K more per theatre then the rest.

  10. i thought the movie was dope…
    but the juicy part wasnt right was it? According to the Juan Ep with Pete Rock…

    Yoooooooooo Naturi Naughton is sexy as hell!!!

    Beyond that everyone held down thier roles properly…

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