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It’s almost time for me to head to Vermont for snowbaording, but before I bounce, I gotta tell you what went down today on Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg. We talked about The Obama kids and their gourmet lunch menus,  not wanting a daughter cause she will have a D!ck in her mouth one day,  and we had Asher Roth talking about him taking down a terrorist on a plane. But the best part of the show to me was getting to interview Megan Good… Man, that is a nice looking lady.

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- Cipha Sounds

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22 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 1/8/09”

  1. long time no see

    good looks on the post

  2. Thanks.When is the Juan Ep with Angie Martizez?


  3. Not sure if you’re heard/seen any Jon Lajoie (Montreal comedian):

    Every Day Normal Guy –

    Every Day Normal Guy 2 –

    Every Day Normal Crew –

  4. yo… Ciph… real talk… today’s morning show was RIDICULOUSLY entertaining!!!

    The chemistry between you and Rosenberg (pause) has definitely improved! Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I’m still waiting for my “Showdown” rematch!!!

  5. ciph i can definitely tell that your trying to keep up with your resolution. you have been nicer than usual to rosenberg.

  6. check out my new blog post. i think some of ya’ll might find it amusingI hate Djs

  7. i can’t stop looking at that picture… seriously.

    i mean ya yall are funny, but the fighting was funnier!

  8. that only in the mon-nin… you supposed to be up cookin breakfast or sunthin… that’s like an alarm clock..

  9. that only in the mon-nin… you supposed to be up cookin breakfast or sunthin… that’s like an alarm clock..

  10. CIPH! Your a good dude…Glad you discarded that pic. Wouldn’t want people to see it.

  11. latarian jr. in the making…6 yr old “borrows” his parent’s car after he missed the school bus

    when y’all gonna have tary back on the show? did he get his wii game?

  12. another classic…dis show da best in nyc….

  13. your bassist is racist! (c) Ciph

    Dope show today Ciph


  14. As a Brooklyn transplant now living in LA this is a welcome addition to my everyday routine…

    You can keep all that snow/sleet and cold weather though

  15. Funny Shit….My Laaaawwwd!
    and her shirt is sheer as shit

  16. dope show as always ciph

    god i hope asher roth don’t blow up. i can’t stand the thought of having to hear him often.

  17. nice shot! and nice tig ole biddies!

  18. dat bitch is sexy

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