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Today is the day… Don’t Get Gassed Comedy Series. It’s looking like it’s going to a zoo tonight. The show is basically sold out and now I’m trying to get people to sit on other people’s laps. Lets get it

Anyway, today’s show was pretty fresh. Talked about snoring, re-capping our year by playing some of our favorite moments, The Showdown with Cipha Sounds, and we discussed the new concept “Bromance” . What is the point of this “Bros before Hoes” thing?? I would much rather be with some nice young lady than a bunch of dudes.  Hey, that’s just me…. Anyway, almost ’09, so let’s step it up and keep the dream alive. Peace.

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- Cipha Sounds

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6 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/30/08”

  1. LOL @ the surgeon answering the questions while Ciph was doing it.


  2. Ciph killed the surgeon…lol Dawg, you must be like 20-1 in this trivia shit! Tell Rosenberg to get you a belt like them wrestlers he idolizes…haha!

    Sidebar; I know you used to dj at the tunnel and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard CRU-Da Dirty30, (they came out like 97′) always wondered what happened to them dudes, why no second album ? That first album was bananas!

    Let me know, thanks Ciph


  3. There was a memo that said no dancehall reggae? WTF?

    @ Soulsupreme – CRU instrumentals get played every know and then. Those guys are long gone although Yogi still produces every now and then.

  4. Great show last night Ciph! Looking 4ward to next months.

  5. great JuanEp, c’mon, i know u want to get MC Paul Barman on there, or better yet, Prince Pa-aul.

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