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Man, you want a crazy Juan Epstein??? You got it. We had half of CNN join us and talk crazy as usual. I’ve known NORE for a long time and they don’t get better than him. A gentleman and a scholar….oh and a thug. Juan Ep ’09 is gonna be crazy.

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- Cipha Sounds

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29 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN: NORE”

  1. YES! you the man Ciph.

  2. damn this is a suprisie. now i’m gonna be late for work waiting for this to download

  3. are you FUCKING kidding me!?!?!? i JUST got into work, and there’s a new JUAN EP with NORE!?!?!? are you FUCKING kidding me?!?!? Christmas came late, but it came (pause)! thanks!

  4. OMG !
    Nore + Juan Ep = THE TRUTH !

    Big Up Ciph !

    • Me acuerdo de vaaris cosas como El Topo Gigio en el Show de fantastico, cuanto vale el show con la recordada Altagracia Sarmiento que tambien salia en Crecer con papa con una de las Termini y el perro llamado Pimienta que era un chow chow. Los lunes de Coquito, los martes de Zurima, los miercoles de Chusmita, los jueves de Teresita y remataban el viernes con Contesta por tio simon que las contestas las traia la revista Meridianito y era patrocinado por el Banco Union. En series Los lunes eran de Hunter, los martes de Cagney y Laicy (yo les decia carne y leche)y los miercoles de moonlighting con bruce willis y cybil sheppard. Otra que salia era Lucy Bell (que saco un lp con discomoda)con el circo de Tilingo que salia en la cotraportada del lp (ojo no confundir con la fallecida Baby Bell que saco un lp con hugo blanco de musica infanti). Las pepetadas (que el intro era el pajaro baf1ista) en el programa de orlando y las primeras apariciones del conde. El programa que conducia Daniel Sarcos que era de concursos antes de irse a venevision, las comiquitas, las series americanas, etc.Del canal 5 me acuerdo era de un programa de manualidades que se llamaba que facil es que si saben como se llamaba el tema del programa avisenme y me acuerdo que alli no pasaban comerciales y otra novela que pasaban era Dancing Days que vino luego de la esclava isaura que me acuerdo que mi abuela y mis tias no se la perdian hasta compraban los lps de esa y de otras novelas (por alli tengo el de dancing days y baila conmigo que era del canal 8). Si me acuerdo de mas les escribo

  5. damn ciph,

    a new juan ep fresh out the box. that’s wassup.

  6. Good looking Ciph. Merry f’ing christmas!!!!!! FCUK!!!

  7. oh you have made my muthafukin day!!

    juan ep with NORE?!?!? crazy
    that video interview ciph did with him in miami was HILARIOUS!!
    {“its true!”}

    and daily show,

    what a start to a shitty 48 hours

    thank you



  8. classic, classic juan ep. you’ve had sheer entertainment (daytona and juanito from season 1) and boring hip hop education (large pro) yet. this dude transcends different eras of hip hop and had plenty of interesting shit to say.

  9. this nigga said boring. i must be the most boring cat, b/c i appreciate those indepth shits.

  10. […] JUAN EPSTEIN:┬áNORE […]

  11. Juan EP with Max Glazer – do it…make it happen…i want to know all the stories from his days at VP and the distro company he worked at.
    and then Rosenberg can get schooled on dancehall. Tiger BOOOOOOOOOONE!

  12. Ciph, really dope episode you gotta get NORE for Pt. II!!!

    happy holidays man


  13. one of my favorite juan ep’s I’ve heard. Thank you.

  14. MORE N.O.R.E. i wanna know how he hooked up with pharrell and all that stuff. Plus the making of melvin flynt the hustler.


    WHA-WHAT !!!

  16. Yo, i need help

    What is the website NORE is talking about at the very end? or something ???

    • Angels’ Flightby the Blue ScoutThere are angels who are dtteinedso fly downward into the dark mists.Often, they get caught there,and for a time, they lose their wings,and they are lost,sometimes for nearly a lifetime.It doesn’t really matter, they are still angels;angels never die.They know that the mist will clear someday,if only for a moment.And they know that they will be reclaimed then,at last,by a golden sky.

  17. Dope Drop Juan Ep! I ran into Nore on south beach memorial weekend a couple years ago @ like 3am in front of a pizza shop – lol..down to earth dude and definitley one of coolest cats ever just willing to be around clowning w/ cats and not on any tough guy thug or celebrity image..

  18. YOM,

  19. This ranks in my Top 3 Juan Eps ever!
    Lmao @ Fater-er

  20. Peekay, THANK YOU

  21. You had me at the government cheese part.

    There need to be shows where old heads come in and talk about the business. Not gossip, but street uncensored stories where certain names are protected. Keep doing bad things.

  22. […] history as one of THE single greatest moments in broadcast history. Until then, make do with this NORE episode of Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg’s “Juan Epstein” from earlier in the week. KNOWLEDGE JEWELS from an all-time FG favorite, download now and thank us […]

    • No hay dudas de que el trabajo es mlovaialrso.Mi unica duda es la siguiente:El escultor trabajo a partir de esa unica imagen o como hace la mayoria presentaste la imagen de diferentes e1ngulos?de ser la ultima opcion la respuesta correcta, la habilidad del escultor es magnifica.Saludos, desde el fin del mundo (Argentina).io, Darius.

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