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We back, but not fully. We are just in for 2 days then we get the new year poppin. Pretty funny show we had  today.  We talked about doing fun and bad things, swinger parties, sports of course. We also talked about the crappiest christmas gifs you got this year.  Thank god christmas is over…..I can’t take all the fake love. Peace

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- Cipha Sounds

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5 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/29/08”

  1. Welcome back! Thanks

  2. thanks for the juan ep AND morning show man!

  3. Rosenberg is talkin SIDEWAYS!!!! Hamas doing “SMALL” things….over 3000 katushas being shot into israel the past few years. Prior to this incursion, 40+ rockets shot into israel on 1 day and another 80+ rockets on another day. More like, FINALLY ISRAEL IS DOING WHAT IT GOTTA DO. You wanna talk street……if someone busts shots at you daily you not gonna eventually bust back? Im not trying to take sides, but dont make it sound like Hamas is doing “little nasty things”. Its more like “BIGGGGGGG NASTY THINGS”…..and these rockets shot into israel on a daily basis is just 1 of the smaller things they do.

  4. I comment here without hearing the shows. Today, I finally broke down and subscribed to your slightly homoerotic podcast. Keep up the work. Happy New Year.

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