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It’s fun… it’s fun to do bad things. What a weekend, I DJ’ed on Friday with DJ Premier, A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs, and on Saturday I ripped it down at Club Abyss. We heard about what crazy shit our listeners did as well. I also saw a really really dope movie called “Slumdog Millionaire” which had 2 of my favorite things… trivia and the hottest Indian chick I have ever seen. Freida Pinto is so fly and I want to make a movie and cast as my love interest….MY LAWD!!!!! Anyway, On the show we had Danyel Smith, editor in chief of Vibe magazine doing a year end wrap up, and we had a re-air of Keyshia Cole. I hope you enjoy…

Click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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13 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/22/08”

  1. i saw that kid from the movie on letterman a couple of weeks back

  2. props Cipha!

  3. Thanks Ciph. Putting this on my ipod now and then taking my black azz to work to listen.
    You’re a funny dude, I’m mad I slept on you .pause. when you were on Sirius but I was always listening to Howard Stern.


  4. Cipha/Anyone…

    what is/are B.L.A.P’s from the Big Pimpin hook?

  5. @ cipha: Yo did Jay z and Fat Joe ever make a record?

    @ London Joe i think he says B.L.A.D. as in riding on blades

  6. PLIES IS TRASH! and he’s 35 he’s not young!

  7. the audio i downloaded from z share only has the first like 40 min. is it just me?

  8. ayo Ciph – what happened to my first freestyle? yall gonna bring that back?

  9. Serena Williams? Hip-Hop? It’s about how you carry yourself?
    Vibe is stupid.

  10. yo what up with the PAUSE inserted in the “click ur fingas” song?


  11. FINALLY! Someone speaks about the greatness that is Slumdog Millionaire; the protagonist [I really don’t know his real name] Jamal is on another really good show on BBC America called Skins.

    The second season is over but I’m sure you can see it on YouTube.

    oh btw ; you & Rosenberg make me laugh my ass off @ 530AM ;D

  12. […] footage from the King of da Burbz himself, speaking to Cipha Sounds, DJ Premier, DJ A-Trak, Kid Sister & […]

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