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CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/19/08 – Keyshia Cole


I am maaaaaaaddd tired, I was out all night trying to get some…. Today was one of those days that we were all over the map. Discussed Perez Hiton’s beef with Obama, the ghettoness that will be in D.C. during the Inauguartion and how the cops will handle the massive amounts of people, also spoke to a girl who thought her boyfriend was cheating. Also we had my new girlfriend Keyshia Cole on the show and she was amazing. Have a great weekend and I’ve included the song Keyshia did with Lil Wayne which is my favorite mary song that I do not think they covered very well…

Click here to listen and download

Click here to listen and download Keyshia Cole F/ Lil Wayne “I Love You”

- Cipha Sounds

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19 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/19/08 – Keyshia Cole”

  1. props Ciph!

  2. “I Love You” is the illest Mary track but the remix with Smif & Wessun was in the words of B.I.G…”illest turned iller!!!”

  3. Daaaamn! Man if I just could see her in real life like just once… and check that ass out I could die. That girl is too beautiful… And that new album was dope…

  4. watch out ciph, you dont wanna go getting them girls pregnant!

  5. she looks photo shopped lol…and she looks like she has to poop
    thank you

  6. if i could just suck on her big tits!

  7. Ciph you really been on your Sh** as far as getting these shows edited and posted. I get to work at 10 and this is the first site I hit to download show. Its much appreciated.

  8. Agree with Chauncell.. this shit gets me thru the day

    everyone i introduce this show to loves it.. once u guys get better hours ur gonna blow up

  9. Hey Ciph,

    Im not coming on here to bitch about “where is my juan epstein?” and all that other shit so hear me out.

    I think you guys are missing a big oppurtunity by not releasing new/special juan epsteins right before big holiday weekends. I know it can be longer be priority 1 but you have to think that a good portion of the juanep-heads out there are not only road tripping and looking for something to listen to on the way home but it is also a big oppurtunity for fans to put other people on to the show. I know I’ve got a couple burned copies of JuanEp 15 (my personal fav) on CD in my car to hand out over the weekend.

    Either way keep up the good work and have a happy holidays. one.

  10. yo, where was Video Vato at?..

  11. The remix with Smif & Wessun was way better better. Be careful Ciph don’t knock up Ms. Cole she might cut you.

  12. yoooo lmfaoooo..cheater cheater cheater..deff funny as dudez i swear 2 god yo…#1 show n america

  13. yo.. did anyone notice that rosenberg was not in the room when Keyshia was there, did she not want to deal with him? sup wit dat?

  14. Ciph you see this:

    I wish y’all brought up the dj scratch questions up in the recent EPMD Juan Epstein. I know you forgot, its all good.


  15. Hellzyeah. Another fresh show.

    Thanks Ciph. Props…

  16. Ciph what treats do you have for us to download over the holidays on your days off??
    I’ll take some senseless behind the scenes recorded chatter. Just don’t leave us hanging..

  17. dope interview

    keep up this blog

    “Your family is ghetto”


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