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G.O.A.T. list today is a doozy… Greatest Christmas story of all time. I personaly gotta go with “A Christmas Story”, “its a wonderful life”, and “Bad Santa”… What’s your favorite??  We also had Tana Hoy (Americas Foremost Psycic Medium) on the show. Man, he told me that I was gonna get someone pregnant if I’m not careful…. So I’m going to practice abstinance for awhile, sorry ladies.  Plus a lot more so rock with me and Rosenberg. Lets gooooooo!!!!

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- Cipha Sounds

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30 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/18/08”

  1. Thanks Ciph. Don’t Stop, it gets me thru the day!
    Love ya *paws*


  2. A Christmas Story hands down.

    Gremlins is a close second. I KEED!

  3. 543 IN THE MORN STILL STUDYING FOR my classes this is my last final too.

  4. a christmas story is the greatest by far, but elf, home alone

    & national lampoon’s christmas are classics as well.

  5. i woundt announce it to the FUCKIN ayyyoooooooo

  6. props

  7. lol @ ciph dropping the f-bomb. damn i thought it was juan ep for a hot second.

  8. LOL

    Ciph you had me rollin you swore!!!

    Thats going to be expensive!!!

  9. yo ciph, i listen to the show everyday, you guys are doing the damn thing. much props…BUT that psychic guy was terrible. i never understood why morning shows feel the need to have psychics on the show. he was really reaching on that first caller, for real. the only funny part was you guys making the jokes in the background. maybe next time you and rosenberg should be the psychics instead of having a bullshit psychic expert call in. anyway, keep up the good work

  10. F-BOMB!

  11. wow cyph, you supposed to be the radio vet and you dropped a serious F-Bomb on rosenberg..

  12. i think you guys just jumped the shark, def the worst show yet

  13. lol that psychic was a duche bag! he knew he was wrong and he keep diggin.

  14. the F bomb part was hilarious!!! i seriously rewinded 3 times sayin “no way…did he just…No….not cipha…” HAHAHA it was like Juan EP for a minute

    Yo why you always get mad for rosenberg being in your business but you put him out like that? have you heard of a little town called “mind yo Effin business-ville” population….YOU!!!! props to rosenberg to opening up and not being a little biatch!


  16. I’m guessing that psychic was Rico’s idea?

    The f-bomb was hilarious, hope you don’t get fined too much for that.

  17. Dedicate the next JE to a behind-the-scenes take on what REALY happens when the FCC gets in that ASS from droppin F-Bombs on air.


    well done Ciphenberg.

  18. i thought the psychic was funny. i like how every call was like “you cheating” lol

  19. I respect the F-bomb…Kevin Martin doesn’t though.

    That probably didnt go out over the air unless someone was lazy when it came to hittin the button.

  20. yo ciph wats da beat in da background at 43:20 when the women start talkin?

  21. @ Everyone : The F Bomb did not go over the air, but I left it on the cd just for you guys. Appreciate the love and the hate….oh but fuck the haters.

  22. @ big boi : awww, thats cute, you like when Rosenberg opens up. Maybe you guys should get together and cuddle. You want me to hook up the “Bromance” ???

  23. @ young piff clinton : Jump the shark??? fall back young jedi, you have no idea how our phone lines light up…. wse got this on smash

  24. @mario : that beat is “Just another case (mona lisa remix) by CRU
    here is a zshare link

  25. thanks for that remix, Ciph. truly appreciate that. CRU was my shit.

  26. respect ciph for da beat alway from toronto,

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