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What it do?  It is nasty here in the NYC with rain and snow, but we still gonna shine kid.  Topics today were Momma’s boys and deciding who’s more important, moms or girlfriend. We also did “My friend wants to know” about a guy letting a girl stay with him that are “just friends”. Also talked about C students hiring A students and how college sucks.  Plus all the news you need to get thru the day. Thanks for joining us….See you tomorrow.

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- Cipha Sounds

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12 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 12/17/08”

  1. plz… not asher torth

  2. I was having a little bit a trouble with the link…it just had a extra http in there.

    Good morning ya’ll!

  3. Thanks Ciph

  4. damn that dude asher sounds like an em wannabe

  5. im def not impressed by asher roth.

    oh and fuck college.

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  7. yo i heard NIKE signed a deal with George W. Bush to be the next spokesman for the new NIKE DUCKS..

  8. lol damn Em fucked up the game for any white Mc’s. Asher is cool tho.

  9. i seriously thought that was Em, then i read the post.

    wow. that’s crazy. that kid has great rhyme-flow, makes me wanna say

    MmMMMMa-Ma-MA aah Mo-MoOoOKKIIEE

  10. Great show i luv it, Yo i pay my next door neighbor to do all my papers 4 me, he works 4 the Long Island Post so im always good money n i hire someone in my class 2 cheat on there test $60 a pop with a $10 down payment, i also make sure that im not cheating on a dumbass either. So, “Cipha Sounds watever the fuck ur name is” (Iron Sheik) ur right C students hiring A students.

  11. wind parade

  12. Dope show Ciph, but really that TI tracks needs to go dawg!

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