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Status of Juan Epstein and anti Jewish talk…

@ everyone : Dam, making me log on when im supposed to be on vacation. You know how wack it is to be 30 years old and your mom is yelling at you to get off the computer.

Anyway, just to clear up a few misconceptions. Juan Epstein is not as easy as it sounds. When we started it we were only on one and / or two days a week. Now we are on everyday and it doesn’t stop once we get off the air. This job is extremely difficult when you you have a full staff, and we don’t even have that. Thanks to the economy and budget cuts, we are down to a skeleton crew and have to do everything ourselves. So please don’t sit here and talk like I just do it for the money. Now I can only and will only talk for me…..who???……me. I have never done anything for just straight money and that’s probably why I’m not rich right now. I try to get the Juan Ep poppin but sometimes it doesn’t happen. I will try to remedy the situation asap.

Now as far as all this racial shit and anti jew talk. That shit gotta stop. I mean me and rosenberg joke around a lot and say some crazy shit to each other and our producer rico, but we all know its in fun and jest and sparks creativity for our show. But sometimes some of yall cross the line and this is definitely not the forum for that. I dont want to sit here and have to approve every comment that comes in. I want this site to be fun, funny, some dope hip hop, hot chicks, and other cool shit we can find. But that line someone said about WW2 was just wack. Now go eat some leftover turkey and try to push up on your sisters friend she brought home from college for the weekend. (and if you do jump it off, lets take a road trip to their college and get some more…. chimmeys rule in the 09.

- Cipha Sounds

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30 Responses to “Status of Juan Epstein and anti Jewish talk…”

  1. ayyo cife, always wanted to ask you guys: how come your morning show is 5-7 but the zshares are always like 1 hour long? it’s cold up here in canada. peace.

  2. word Ciph, that’s the nature of the net though. niggas will constantly hate and say whatever fucked up shit comes to mind… i believe you guys spoke on this in a JuanEp from earlier this year – niggas are anonymous, so they feel like they can say ANYTHING! that crazy racism definitely has to stop, though.

    hope your turkey day was good, I’m here listening to old Ciph&Rosenbergs from the last few months in between these mega remixes (unk “show out”, busta “arab money”, bun b and all of houston “chopt & screwd”, etc). i hate being at work on black friday.

    in any case, Ciph, keep doing your damn thing.

  3. ur problem is u made juan epstien as addictive as crack, once u get that hit u want another immediatley !

  4. YO CIPHA,

    Everyone understands that you guys are doing the the show and the rest of the b.s that comes with it…but seriously, juan ep is like a, probabely the best thing thing that both of you guys do together (obviously i know, u guys do it for nothing,)..

    Juan ep is a breath of fresh air to the whole hip hop thing,,,,,its so real….


  6. polar_bear_nuts: they have commercials and shit.

    anyways, you guys have said you have a DJ khaled juan ep, you got em, JUST RELEASE EM! no need for a big event each time, just drop it for the streets.

  7. and lol the ww2 line was a joke.

    i like some jews… Jerry Seinfeld is a jew, and I dont despise him, he’s a cool jew… but people like Anne Frank… nah I cant fukk with them jews.

  8. you guys can do the behind the scene shit like before, that would be ill son

  9. that jewish talk is crazy. i remember that one episode of the morning show, about the obama bucks foodstamp thing, dude called up about a jewish food stamp spouting some WILD shit. its almost like you can tell how racist someone is when the subject of jews comes up…

  10. Cipha I was just clowning about doing it for the money. Who am I to judge what you guys do it for. Turth be told if these dudes love Juan Ep so much do what I do and listen to the repeats. I don’t agree with the racial talk – you know how these internet thugs love to talk reckless. How about find some college kids that are looking to get into the business to help rosenberg and you out. Now that you guys have a little juice I’m pretty sure someone would help you out. If you can’t do the podcast once a week do them every two weeks or once a month. What’s up with MTV 2 you don’t work there anymore? I’m pretty sure you know this already but Angela Yee is doing King magazine (you know I’m coppin 15 of dem shits she’s a bad bitch !!!!!!!!!!) so you should interview her when the spread comes out. I found you guys refreshing for hiphop. If you know the Gomez brothers interview them too they funny as hell on Saturdays. Gabe and Nelson seem like the they are cut from the same cloth you are- they work hard. Hope your Indain Slaugther Day went well.

  11. I feel u Ciph.
    Can we get a Juan Ep with Shante’ ??
    Tomorrow? lol

  12. sorry but ive seen angela yee in person…definitly not king material! noooo body or chimis. Shady 45 is wack in the mornings now. Ciph was the main attraction.
    Juan epstein is the best thing. you have the best podcast out right now. and please love jews like we love turtles.

  13. Damn with fans like these who the fuck would want to be famous?? Some of you be on some bullshit. And the worst part is cipha does all this for free!!! Show the men some respect and chill with nonsense.

  14. Cyph keep in mind less than 3% of blog readers comment.

  15. F*ck the morning show, just do three juan epsteins a week.

  16. Yo Ciph, I understand that people pestering you about Juan Ep could get annoying as hell, but can you guys stop plugging em? I know Rosenberg said you guys got one with B-Real and JB Smoove. I don’t mind not having em if you guys can’t get to em, but knowing that there are some ready to go but waiting for something can get someone to go crazy.

  17. ^ exactly.

    if you’re not going to post them, don’t declare them.

  18. Jordan Sparkkz do you know how many woman are air bushed that are on a magazine cover- huh about 95% of them. Think before you speak it would save us all the embrassment for listening ahaha

  19. yall kind of funny though. i remember growing up knowing about a certain remix or instrumental and not being able to even THINK about getting my hands on it. the net has changed everything.

  20. Ciph I agree with illmatic602, Juan Epstein is like crack son! You guys made that show into a weekly must-listen how you not gon’ expect people to be fiending for it ? What part of the game is that ? As someone commented earlier, you guys should enlist some interns/college kids to help out….(aka. hire some more drewski’s n*gga!)

    ps, if you sitting on that B-Real and JB Smooth Juan Ep, post that shit already!


  21. im not pushin for more Juan Eps tho, its a casual thing and when they have time they come, the morning shows get me by till were blessed

  22. but yo Ciph, answer me this. did you really produce Outstanding by Lil’ Wayne? because it’s fire. you’ve said you’ve produced a track for him, is that one it?

  23. You guys are doing an awesome job! Sam from New Zealand!

  24. Like, did somebody used the N word?

  25. ayo “we run boston”, no disrespect, but you really should shut the Fuck up!!

    ‘do juan ep once every 2 weeks….one every month!!”

    you talking way to reckless….juan ep is that crack, we need it weekly brotha.

  26. LOL @ all the JE Crack heads u got fiendin Ciph.

    u even got Shail up there typin like a cop with the over misuse of “em” had a ninja thinking he was talkin about Em.


  27. haha @ ‘chimmeys rule in the 09.’ amen.

  28. Ha ha great post Cipha, i couldn’t agree more. I imagine juan ep isn’t easy as its on your free time and you not exactly that free. What i would suggest is maybe doing a juan ep like u did before where you recorded it during the show so where her al lthe off mic reckless talk as that was a fun juan ep.

    But hey i am only speaking for me, who???…ME!!! so do you, who?…YOU!!!

    ha ha

  29. thanks for always keeping it real, Ciph. i agree with you on all points and the true JE fans need to understand that these dudes are working 24/7 now. Big ups to the chimmeys. And is it sad that I visit DGG more than RR now? Use to be the other way around (pause).

  30. Fuck that do it when you can

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