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Its fun to do bad things… Great show today. Talked about a lot of stores that are closing down and still selling gift cards, bastards. Things you don’t know about Obama like he won a Grammy, went to see “Do the Right Thing” on his first date with Michelle and can speak Spanish. The way to eat on Thanksgiving, and how to handle dry turkey. We talked about the crimes of Congress. And of course, my favorite thing ever…. “SHOWDOWN WITH CIPHA SOUNDS”…… find out what happened.

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- Cipha Sounds

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13 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/25/08”

  1. i love showdown with cipha sounds, anyways, props ciph, but please put up a juan ep ASAP

  2. props Ciph!

  3. I cannot stop watching them Hot 9-7 freestyles…waiting like Pookie on the Quiet Storm section…Part 3 with the free & Beans back and forth is crazy…then Free goes in like his life was on it with them mad hand movements. Classic.

  4. What part of NC is the fam?

  5. I listened to this over lunch while I had genuine chimichangas from the mexican stall! good work

  6. great show, rico got tons of excuses for his wife, that fat boys drop had me dying

  7. Peace Ciph,

    The show gets me through the day here in Pittsburgh Pa. I’m glad that you post them a few hours after they are complete that way I feel like I’m there w/ yall early as hell listening to Hot 97.

    Oh and I agree with you about the Indian Slaughter day. If it was a day that celebrated the slave trade people would not be with it. I appreciate you keeping it real for the listeners bro.

    You and Rosenberg keep up the great work bro!


    Knowledge Build Allah

  8. Juan epstein!Juan epstein!Juan epstein! put that up jaja

  9. does anyone know who they interviewed from the wire and what day that was? I missed the name during this mornings show.

  10. worst magical mind ever

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