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It’s Monday, but technically it’s like a Wednesday. We have 3 days of work and then we outta here for Indian Slaughter day. Today we asked what bad/fun things did you do this weekend and who went to see Twilight. Also talked about Kanye talking crazy at the American Music Awards and also when he called into real late. Also talked Some Thanksgiving topics and whores… What can go wrong?

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- Cipha Sounds

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18 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/24/08”

  1. thank god for only 3 days of work. i got a case of the F#$kin Mundays!!

    Celebrated my 28th birthday and would have done bad things but fucking girl played me….Daaammnnnn Sluts!

  2. mad props ciph!

  3. Kanyes new album over ludacris. Dope DJ but your smoking crack. So you would also take Britney spears over luda? fuck outta here

  4. Am I the only one that damn near died laughing during Job’s call??

  5. oh btw, the American Music Awards sucked. Remember back in the day when you’d go to work/school the next day and the first thing you said to your friends was “did you see……..perform last night?” Nothing memorable about last nights show.

  6. hahaha what the fuck is up with the sick people calling in? KEEP YOUR DRUG STORIES TO YOURSELF

  7. yo Ciph, can u put ur mix on Saturday cuz u kill that shit

  8. hit rosenberg upside the head KANYE’S IS FIRE!

  9. i’m just gonna mail in my comment on todays show.


  10. Ey you need a new blog design this one looks pretty gay…
    Dope show though!

  11. can we get a new juan epstein ?

  12. I Seriously think K’NAAN needs some JE Shine.

    What says u Ciph?

  13. Cipha, I never got to say my bad on that interview that never got published in 4 corners news back in the days… still writing … your still doing your thing thats whats up…

  14. THat kane interview is a classic …

  15. juan ep was supposed to come each monday…. i know they have them in deck, JUST PUBLISH THEM

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