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G.O.A.T. List Thursday…. Greatest slow song to “get it poppin to”. I personally would have to pick a R. Kelly joint like “Seems like your ready” or “Your body is calling“. We also had a Rosenberg Roundtable with some crazy interns talking about the economy. We also talked about gangsta grannies. Grannies that really are in the streets and get it poppin. Thanks for riding with us….

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- Cipha Sounds

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24 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/20/08”

  1. r. kelly used to be that sexing music, but after i saw him piss on a teen girl, i had to stop.

  2. got somethin to listen to for this wack 6am shift. thanks

  3. once i got it poppin with a chick, i paused to put on a jay-z cd. so i could “throw on a rap cd, we gangsta fucked” holla!

  4. Anything Maxwell

  5. Maxwell

  6. Maxwell is the shit

  7. I’m 99% sure I heard you say you got a gig in Montreal on the morning show the other day (or was it juan ep?)…

    I do know some promoters, if anything i’ll have them hit up your hot97 email… right? Hopefully it works out.

  8. I dont live in new york and i shouldnt care…but the commercial for the christmas concert in new york didnt feature any new york artists…somethin is wrong with that.

  9. @ el-capi-tan


    that was weird.

  10. not weird, just a perfect representation of where mainstream hip-hop is today. you know what is ill though? NY is still seen as THE market to break, so it all works out.

  11. Them R. Kelly joints are dope…
    And i was down with them until i went to the peelers last nite, and homegirl dropped this outta nowhere…

    (Would you mind – Janet – sfw)
    Dont sleep on Janet Jackson!!!

  12. Man ya’ll went in head first with this show…PAUSE…I’m live all the way in Cali but listen to your show every morning and Juan Ep every Monday…keep doing your thang…I DJ a 90s night out here and when I throw these joints on at around 1:45 it looks like a damn porno shoot on the dancefloor

  13. Talkin about gangsta Grandma’s my grandmother did 5 years in the bing…she was a seamstress by trade but that was only her front for having people come in and out the crib at all times w/o question….I figured something was up when we because we lived in the hood but had like 5 arcade machines in the crib…and the old diesel benzo back in the day

  14. @ les : its actually or
    thanks man

  15. ciph u turned soft, b.

    rosenborg actin up, you should smack him, you been too nice. he might check you again if you dont put him in his place.


  17. i got a feeling if it really went down, ciph would whup rosenberg’s ass. no diss to rosenberg, but he don’t come off like someone who can scrap like that. ciph been had his “jump out the dj booth in the tunnel” days lol

  18. word up, chip would rock him.

  19. Yo, best song.. Janet Jackson – Anytime, Anyplace (R. Kelly Mix). boom.

  20. Cali represent! r. kelly? WTF? how old is young dood?

  21. please take BIG BOY off the radio and continue another hour. I can’t take them anymore. You guys are the next best thing at HOT 97. Pleeeeeaaaase , I have an hour commute.

  22. R. Kelly’s Bump and grind remix (rodeo show) is THE song for me

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