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Welcome back to “WAX ON WEDNESDAYS”. I got a treat for you today. If you are a N.E.R.D. fan, than you know this song Rock star. Now a couple of years ago, I believe before the Black Album, Jay rhymed over this crazy track for his S. Carter mixtape. It was released on bootleg vinyl and, I used to rock this on the radio all the time. I actually did a better clean version and I also got a hold of the instrumental when I was DJing in Japan with Chad and Pharrell (N.E.R.D./NEPTUNES) for the Bape anniversary party. I edited out some of Jay’s talking stuff in the middle and made it flows better. So here it is….Enjoy


Click here to download “Rock Star” Jay-Z f/Pharrell (N.E.R.D.)

- Cipha Sounds

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22 Responses to “WAX ON WEDNESDAYS: (Hip Hop) – “ROCK STAR” JAY-Z F/PHARRELL (N.E.R.D.)”

  1. good looks ciph. man, this is fire.

  2. Man the downloads of the shows get me through my morning drive out here in Dubai, but now you droppin’ some wax? Ciph you rule!

  3. the link needs to be cleaned up…
    ciph – you keep bringing the heat…rahhh rahhh rahhh

  4. Yo Ciph…

    When and where are you DJing in Montreal?

    links not working

  5. Much Respect Ciph..Wax on Wednesday’s is definitely a gem that keeps the mid-work week moving.

    p.s. long shot request but is there any chance you or anybody on the blog has “If You Want It You Can Get It” on wax or ripped by the L.O.X. f/ Mase. It was on a promo released by Bad Boy before Money, Power, Respect dropped and used the ‘Black Cow’ sample by Steely Dan.


  7. Good Lookin’ Out

  8. that tape is impossible to find(mine is scratched to hell), along with the S.Carter the remix tape. you should post them joints

  9. @ everyone : the link is fixed. I guess I was extra tired this morning.

  10. scionnole

    Yo homey, I actually have a clear no dj mp3 of that “If U Want It”

    My email is hit me and ill send u a copy

  11. @ L.E.S. : I dont have any dates in Montreal as of yet but I need some. You know any good promoters up there??

  12. @ scionnole : I actually have that record in the :batter’s box” waiting to get posted. I have so much shit I wanna put up, but I gotta stick to a schedule or it wont get done…. its coming soon.

  13. @ Justin Time : yo why you trying to take my shine kid??? hhaa hhaaa

  14. Yo Cipha, let me live!!!…Love the show

  15. it’s the ROC you bastards !!!

  16. lovin the wax on wednesday’s but two things how about puttin up that lifes a bitch promo u were talkin bout on ‘the one thing you would grab from your house’ skit on the show and the stroy behind it. and also the pic of natalie the intern :P

  17. Hey, has anyone got The LOX promo of ‘If You Want It You Can Get It’? As scionnole said, it’s got the Steely Dan sample, as used by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. Can anyone help? Thanx, Barn

  18. Got the L.O.X cut from scionnole & it indeed has the Steely Dan Black Cow sample on it. It’ GREAT man! Any other Rap/Hip Hop cuts with Steely Dan samples that i don’t know? obviously i’ve got ‘Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz’, ‘De La Soul’ etc. Any help would be much appreciated!


  19. Did anybody post the L.O.X. & Mase joint? I need that in my life

  20. My email is

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