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CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/19/08 – Bobby Valentino

Yooooo, I’m mad tired. I had my comedy show last night so I’m going on no sleep. But f@ck it we’ll do it live. Today we talked about a lot of different things like Love, Life, and Relationships…..hhhaaaaa. And we had Bobby Valentino aka Bobby V on the show. Maybe we can increase our female fan base by getting our R & B on. Hold it down and thanks for always listening.

Click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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12 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/19/08 – Bobby Valentino”

  1. Whut Ciph,
    Happy 1 year anniversary to Juan Epstein! You & Rosenberg have

    have accomplished a lot this year. I’m proud of you both for all

    the moves you make. Anyhow, here are 2 mixes for the fans from the

    one they call Turtles. The first mix is an early 90’s mix & the second

    one are nothing but blends that nobody (& I mean NOBODY) has heard.

    As far as the intro, you guys are known for joking around a lot &

    always using gay references, (especially Peter) so it’s only right I used the

    most memorable ones. Enjoy! Like the comedian Talent said, it’s only

    comedy. As far as the blends: nothing but R&B and Hip Hop of course. (1st Mix) (2nd Mix)

    This is what Turtle does!

  2. biggups for the uploads as usual.

    but if bobby v did a song with nina sky, doesn’t he realize that it won’t be a “duet,” as he said? nina sky is already a duo…

  3. “Your a fool, if your main girl is east to f*ck.” – Nas

  4. lmfdaoo…rosenberg wearin a hockey shit..yo put a pic of rosenberg girl soo we cud c how she lookin.lmfaoo…another gud show cipha ya need a female third host thatz how ya will have more ladiez listenin..n plus it wud b funny ass hell

  5. “ice cold milk and luna dunes!” i love you two. every morning i don’t want to get out of the car so i can laugh one more time!

  6. just puttin it out there that rosenberg didn’t post this and ciph did. just another reason i stopped checking rosenbergradio all together. that is all.

  7. whats a “luna dunes?”

  8. @rich steve: lorna dunes are a brand of cookies. mad good.

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  9. Next time you gotta run the Blackberry Molasses remix w/ Shyheim!!! I still bump that 12″ to this day…

    Plus its more uptempo!
    Damn werent there like 5 versions of this single on wax?

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