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I would like to start off by saying that I am sorry for not believing that this country was ready for a black president. I am sorry for being such a pessimist and not thinking anything would or could change the fucked up political system… Man, I feel great. I hope this is the first step towards getting this country back on track. Anyway, today was a lot of politic talk. We also talked about what rappers would be best for Obama’s cabinet. Also had the top 5 things that have already changed since Obama won the election. Over all… a good frickin day. Enjoy party animals.

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- Cipha Sounds

Other goodies:

“My President is Black” – Young Jeezy and Nas

“Pop Champagne / Barack Campaign” – Ron Browz and Busta

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25 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 11/05/08 – I AM SORRY”

  1. my president is black

  2. my balls are blue
    and ill be goddamned if your bitch eye aint too

  3. Like i said before, Big Tings A Gwan!!

  4. hold on, lemme drop a gun salute to obama


  5. That new Daytona Cipha/Rosenberg track is too funny. Please post that Ciph!

  6. ciph,

    mistakes can happen:


  7. ciph, also what is the instrumental at the end of the show?

  8. Smoke sumthin’! The Daytona track was dope!……”I Like Turtles.”

    Congrats to President Obama!

    SH- Common Sense “Resurrection” (Extra P Remix)

  9. that intro song is genius

  10. @Turtles: yes! good looking out. i have that! cot damn ciph be pulling out some gems for the beds.

  11. your link to the morning show doesn’t work on zshares

  12. I PRAY THAT YOU ALL RECORDED THE MIDNIGHT COVERAGE!…It was such a moment. i was trying to listen while listening to the speeches..but it just got disrespectful…would definetly appreciate that post.

  13. here’s a gif for that pop-chanpagne joint:

  14. Your new show sucks. You need Angela and Wonder !!!!! That shit real Gay !!!!!!!

  15. at least you are man enough to admit your faults

  16. The guys from Channel Live were teachers…let them handle education.

  17. @ SH – MObb Deep, Shook Ones part II were played and Common, Resurrection 95 Extra P remix


  19. jaja im glad nj is gone that chick was annoying with her new accent every news break >_>

  20. Congrats on the new beginning you Yanks have achieved by voting for Obama. Im from England (mate) so it definitely affects me as well. I hope he can help bring a much needed calmness to the world because at the moment it ALL seems fucked up.

    I’ve never voted myself because i’ve never heard someone from my government make me believe they were gonna fight for me. The way i see it, if i dont trust any of ‘them’ then i wont vote for any of ‘them’.

    I’m definitely envious that you have him as your leader but being how close we seem to be as countries, and in each others pockets, i guess the next best thing is for him to be leading you.

    Good luck.

  21. i know u want Jay Z on and all, but PLEASE dont torture us with that History joint… leave that with angie..

  22. Great friggin’ show Ciph.


    Hellyeah. Hahaha.


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