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CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/30/08 – Tracy Morgan

What up my people’s, I’m feeling a little sick today so just a quick rundown… Today was very funny. Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl from “The Office” and in the new movie “Zack and Miri make a Porno”, was on today. Plus my brother Tracy Morgan was on talking about the season premiere of “30 Rock” and his show coming up at the Apollo Theater, which I will be DJing at. Tracy said he might make a surprise guest appearance at my next “Don’t Get Gassed” comedy show going down Nov. 18th. (thats a secret though, so keep that on the low). Its almost Friday so I will catch you tomorrow.

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- Cipha Sounds

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17 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/30/08 – Tracy Morgan”

  1. Perfect Timing all the links aren’t even done uploading yet! Thanks Ciph makes the drive to school more bearable then the garbage morning show we got here

  2. Real talk Ciph you are NICE!!!

    You consistently have these shows posted DUMB FAST!!! You are gettting faster and faster with it. (Pause…just to be safe) You damn near have them up within an hour of coming off the air. THANKS FAM.

    Thats how you build a fan base. Can wait till you take over the show for a full 4 hours. Keep it up.

  3. like clockwork. Craig Robinson is a funny dude, but got nothin on tracy. Tracy seem like he always on, ALWAYS! Has anyone heard that ish he did on that whoo kid tape some years ago? serious

  4. Dammit Ciph, you’re killin em with your posting! Please let me know where I can find the clip of the old folks talking and that lady goin “these colors don’t run, YAYYY” . . . it wasn’t posted at that link you sent from the “This is why I don’t vote” show.

  5. niceeeeeeee

  6. I love this mother fucker


  8. whats goodie ciph.. funny show today.. tracy morgan would be good for juan ep.. how did you lose the showdown today!?? i cant front though it was cheating since tracy was in some of those shows!!

  9. Yall forgot Pet Cemetary, Children Of The Corn, Khudjo, and some others I cant remember @ this moment

  10. Hey cipha i love your show. So much that i download it and put it on my ipod for my commute to work. I work weird shifts and i leave the house at around 12pm. It takes me about an hour and you guys definatly keep me entertained. I live in Toronto, Canada and we have mischief night to but we call it devils night. well the worst thing me and my friends have done is burn down a vacant abandoned house. Just wanted to say my two cents. Keep up the good work

  11. Cipha, what’s good. Thanks for posting your morning show on your site, because I get up to late to catch it in the mornings. What’s up with Juanepstein? Rosenberg is slacking………We have to wait two weeks before we get anything new. Please work on a schedule with Mr. Michatash, just Fucking with your Rosenberg, pause.

    Fellas do you need a 34 year old intern for Juan Epstein??

  12. hahaha this is one of the best shows ever. your listeners are INSANE ciph.

  13. Yo Ciph, I can’t believe you lost! Tracy Morgan is hilarious though and he does know his hip-hop so I think a Juan Epstein with him would be dope.


  14. Robinson on Def Comedy Jam with the keyboard, classic!

    Ciph, you need Pablo Francisco on your comedy show.

  15. Ciph, here’s what AO Scott, film critic at the NY Times says about Robinson:

    “Zack works in a Starbucks-like coffee shop alongside Delaney, a harried husband played by Craig Robinson (“The Office,” a show-stopping monologue in “Knocked Up”), who is fast becoming the most dependable comic counterpuncher in the business and who needs some bigger roles or a sitcom of his own right away.”

    Dayum. That’s a co-sign if I’ve ever seen one.

  16. […] to Turtles that posted a comment and told me to check this out. Craig was on my radio show the other day talking about the new season of “The Office” and his new flick […]

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