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CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/29/08 – Cypress Hill (B-Real)

Humpty Hump day…. Today’s show had a lot of interesting stuff. Obama half hour “infomercial” on network T.V. tonight and and open letter to voters from Jay-Z, Diddy, Mary J. Blige and Kevin Lyles about the importance of voting. Jennifer Hudson’s sister putting way to much info on her myspace page. Do you know people that put way to much info on their myspace pages? Also talked about Guys that go a vacation with a girl… do they have to pay for the girl or does the girl pay for herself? Finally had B-Real from The Legendary Cypress Hill on the show. I think I’m contact HIGH!!!!!!! Lets get it.

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- Cipha Sounds

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19 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/29/08 – Cypress Hill (B-Real)”

  1. A B Real JE would be dope. Can you image the stories this guy has? But i doubt he would ever really get into it.

    As long as he’s been around you dont see him much in the media bullshit. Well played

  2. Ciph, biggups on the Dilla instrumental at the top of the second hour.

  3. @ sh : u like that right?? I’m trying to get some more dilla beats

  4. @ vrsoul : we have that coming real soon kid.

  5. All I do is look for the underground instrumentals. Good lookin’ out. It’s another layer of dopeness of Cipha (aka Cypress Sounds) and Rosenberg. I know you got those 90s Rawkus joints by the pound man!

  6. I’d like to hear some Carmen Electra stories out of B-Real. How he let that get away???

  7. yo ciph can u pass along the name of that reggae/dancehall track you played towards the top of the first hour – before the mavado..something about “don’t wanna start playing games” – serani (sp?) i think. anyway fire show.

  8. Yo ciph, no disrespect to Rosenberg, but you blow him (pause) out of the water when it comes to keepin up with your site. I used to hit rosenbergradio up to catch the show b/c I’m always traveling outside of NYC, but he keeps slacking on the updates. You consistently post right after the show which is perfect for a brotha who still has to get up at the crack of dawn. Thanks for that!

    Also, the link that I asked about with the lady from the drop (“these colors don’t run, yaay!!”) isn’t from your post ‘This is why I don’t vote’. Could you check again please?


    P.S. I emailed rosenberg on his gmail about battling you on cipha trivia. Let me know how to get in (pause) on this – I’ll take you out!!!

  9. yo cipha thats wrong how yall do rosenberg with the 17 secs. for sports but its funny as crap!

  10. YO. this is whats up.

  11. I like that you and rosenberg are making alot of public appearances together now. The game stop, concert at hammerstein, and now you guys are going to the knicks game together. Are you guys finally becoming best freinds? And how is rosenberg a celtics fan i think that fat jewish hairball is a front runner.

  12. yo why did yall replay the john legend interview ???

  13. B-Real on Juan ep…….shiiiiiit, that should be awesome Ciph!

  14. whats goodie.. funny show today.. when can we expect the next juan ep!?

  15. @ Cipah: word up, I figure you wouldnt let that interview pass you by.

  16. Yo Ciph, you’re gonna love this. It’s not as good as fresh, but I’m gonna have to get a tin.


    Anyone know the reggae tracks getting played recently?

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