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Rosenberg’s EP

Here is Peter Rosenber’s EP that he has been talking about. He didn’t write anything on to describe it so I guess it’s so pot luck. Check it out, if you dare. I know that Saigon f/Lil Fame song is on there and The Daytona song on here is fire as well.

Click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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6 Responses to “Rosenberg’s EP”


  2. “Hot, sizzlin scorchin , torchin, blazin!”

    -Large Pro

  3. This is DOPE! good looks rosenberg and way to push your mans shit Ciph.. WOW PAUSE

  4. @ project: Lmao

  5. […] Being busy affects blogs like the recession. My shedual over the last few days has been: Work – Football –  Sleep. Heres 2 editions of the Cipha & Rosenberg Show that I listened to while going to work but didn’t get round to posting plus a Soulja Boy related Juan Epstein. PLUS a link to Rosenberg’s new EP, Click Here. […]

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