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Soulja Boy on Juan Epstein… What more do I have to say??? You will love it and hate it at the exact same time.

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47 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN: 10/28/08 – SOULJA BOY”

  1. I cannot, and will not, allow soldier boy to represent my generation of hip hop fans.

    I’m 19, and I’m from fucking Nova Scotia, Canada, and I definitely could name more members of Wu Tang then soulja boy songs.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! when was the last time a young NBA player didn’t know who Dominique was?

    I don’t like to hate on soulja boy hard, because i don’t have to worry about him most of the time. But the fact that you guys talk to him and defend him on the same show that you had De La on last week … kind of makes me salty

  2. You can’t polish a turd

  3. This douchebag kid could be the David Lee Roth of Hip Hop.

  4. what? no.

    no. I am also 19 and not into this soulja boy shit. no.

    no! Nelly? fine, country grammar wasn’t that bad in the 6th grade. shit’s kinda nostalgic. soulja boy? no. evil. I’m gonna hate this ep more than love it.

  5. dude is 1 year younger than me

    and he says “who the fuck is that?” when asked about the GZA?

    I know people much younger than him who know the words to C.L. Smooth’s verse in Down With the King. People who bugged out when they saw Souls of Mischief perform live (totally on accident and at random).

    “who the fuck is that?” not knowing what an MPC or SP is? fine. I’ll give him that. That shit’s technical. but the GZA? no excuse. That’s like someone in the 90s not knowing Grand Wizard Theodore or DJ Kool Herc when asked about them. It’s one thing to be doing what’s new and hot or whatever, another thing completely to be ignorant of the past.

  6. “what’s the oldest shit that you listen to? what’s old school to you?”

    “oh I was fucking with that master P. make em say unnh! that shit was fire.”

    I am shaking my head right now

  7. As I’m reading these comments left by the “Younger Generation” I can honestly say that I’m shocked…..i would’ve thought they love this kid music…guess not…sucks to be him…still love the interview….but not the guest….it is what it is!

  8. So his excuse for not liking Illmatic is that he was a kid when it was hot?

    I’ll admit that, for the most part, I really didn’t know what hip-hop was until someone slid me that one record, like Rosenberg said.

    Just listened to this ( ) for the first time in years, and the reason someone who likes that wouldn’t like Nas just dawned on me; shit is more Avril Lavigne than hip-hop.

  9. Uncle Mo, like Ciph said, we’re just a few people. I’ll never like Soulja Boy or anyone who sounds like him. 2 years ago I was in high school, and some dude who was way into Lil’ Boosie tried to get me to listen to him. Fucking hated it. But even then, most of the people who listen to shit like that that I know say stuff like Nas is alright, if anything.

    Whatever, though. Like you’re saying, it is what it is.

  10. LOL’z…damn this kid is a straight duck but at the same time you can’t hate on’em either ’cause at least he speaks his mind freely.

  11. i agree with brent, if you dont stand for anything than how can any1 take you seriously,its hard to dig ciph and rosenberg when you switch back and forth so quick. for two underground heads who do a underground podcast i dont understand why you would do a soldierboy juan ep. arent you doin it for us guys. plus let me bring you back to the large pro epsisode when he said i do it for the art and ciph was like thats wat im like, and then u kickin it with soldier boy. Im not sayin u have to say fuck you to his face but y put him onit, feels to me like u did it too piss people off. and his argument about wu tang was bull shit im 23 first album that i got into was illmatic at 15. sorry guys but it sucked

  12. Gotta agree, illmatic602. Now that I think of it, the first album I ever owned was When Disaster Strikes, by Busta Rhymes; I was in the 2nd grade, and my dad somehow got that album before I had ever even heard of the guy. First album I bought was by the same dude – Extinction Level Event. I don’t even remember how old I was when I asked my dad to buy it.

    I bought The Art of Storytelling by Slick Rick when I was in the 6th grade. I was 11 years old!

  13. lol dudes are heated cuz a 17 year old is richer and more succesful than they’ll ever be.

    i dont like soulja boy.
    but let me quote 50 cent:
    You don’t have to respect a nigga, but respect his cash
    Cause for the money, niggas will murder that ass
    I came up fast, I watched a lot of gats blast
    The power of the dollar (the cash, the cash)

  14. disregarding that, im downloading now, so i’ll drop back when I listened through it

  15. cool interview, cant hate soulja boy, he’s entilted to his own opinion.. not too many down south dudes know who gza is.. he hasnt had a hit since 95..

  16. RUBBISH.

  17. I have nieces and nephews that are close to his age. We just gotta accept that they dont listen to what we listen to. Its up to us to school them on the “real shit”. My 14 year old nephew didnt fuck with Nas until I got him copies of Nas cd’s…now the lil n-bomb is the biggest Nas stan in inglewood. Imma get him some Rakim and Big Daddy Kane for christmas and his birthday so he can hear what I grew up on and hopefully he’ll start looking for music on his own instead of letting the radio dictate his taste in music.

  18. whatever happened to the DJ Khaled Juan Ep?

  19. now thats over with can we restore order and get this dj premier juan ep in the can. i think the 12-17 yr old braindead demographic has more than been taken care of this week

  20. The kid grew up in Mississippi and you hate on him for not knowing Wu-Tang? He was in elementary school and he’s supposed to have mad respect for GZA?

    Dude was 6 when Reasonable Doubt dropped and honestly at that point the South didn’t give A FUCK about NYC when they had their own shit bubblin up. I’m surprised he even remembers Master P, because he was mad young when that was droppin.

    Dude doesn’t care about the past because he’s the future.

    Oh and Ciph, “Bring The Pain” was on “All Eyez On Me”.

  21. to toung pliff clinton how u gona stick up for soldier boy, then moan about large pro i dont know, and wat has his paper gotta do with this maybe we should get celene dion on here, “yo titanic sold how many albums, word !” i respect his cash and hustle but this aint oprah, i just dont see the point and to thehaytidream im from uk so ur logic is fucked

  22. I smell some fuckery…Come Ciph and Berg you been slackin on ya mackin with Juan Ep this season although the Large Pro should be enough to carry you for a few more lackluster episodes

  23. worst episode ever. you know juan ep fans dont listen to soulja boy so why have him on the show. fuck turtles

  24. Pretty funny & interesting. He does have loot.

  25. what the fuck? who gives a shit about this little bitch-made herb-ass nigga?

    “I know who wu-tang is, i just didn’t know who the GZA was.”

    right. maybe if you had listened to 36 chambers, you’d know that GZA is the second name on the list of original Wu members. fuck outta here, ya lil fruity loop.

    And to be dissing/ignorant about Nas/Ice-T/GZA, while at the same time bigging up GUCCI MANE? LIL BOOSIE? get…the…FUCK…out of hip hop, please.

    Worst juan Ep ever….definitely the only Juan Ep that has actually made me angrier after listening! Y’all get the Gasface for this one (soulja boy wouldn’t even get that reference, either).

  26. the fuck happened to getting Preemo on Juan Ep? Angie Martinez? Funk Flex? you substitute ignorant-ass soulja boy for them? fuck outta here Cipha!


  28. lol This was a stupid episode. But I ain’t gonna like everyone of them I guess.

  29. Soulja Boy on Juan Ep ?

    Strange I agree but always keep in mind peoples that 1. this ish is FREE and 2. Juan and Epstein don’t owe us anything. Yes “I don’t wanna to make them mad I wanna socalize” (c) LL Cool J

    I don’t have any problem with the kid, I just don’t like his music. By the way, I hate the fact that nowadays if u don’t like someone’s music u’re labeled as an “hater” ! He gets money, that’s good for him but his music is still crap.

    J’aime les tortues !


    2) i respect your creativity…but everysong is a new dance which is basically snap, lean with it rock with it plus or minus a step. its like LA MACARENA 6.2. So how creative is that when its all the same?

    3)JUAN EP is slacking lately…

    4) FUCK ALL THE DANCE SONGS….they give the south a bad name!

    Piffclinton is a fucking joke

  31. Straight up this cat has no respect it’s like a person becoming president but he has no clue who John F. Kennedy is…..I’d like to stomp his gimmick sunglasses with a pair of sharp football cleets while they’re still on his face…

  32. Imma give ya’ll niggaz one more chance Cipha and Rosenberg I respect Soulja Boy’s hustle the kid is 18 yrs old or whatever thats all fine and dandy but keep him and his ilk away from Juan Ep

  33. soulja boys made some money, thats good for him but is it as interesting as hearing about nas meeting rakim or pete rock making a beat for biggie. doubtful. unlike the nelly interview, this gave the listener nothing they would not of already known about the kid.

  34. “Youuu Maaaaaaaaaaaaad” (c) Cam

    i know i was hatin in the first post but these guys are pissed lol

  35. sorry, *guys or girls* … don’t want to be offensive.

    I’m sure theres girls that comment on juan ep … there must be … maybe …

  36. Haven’t listened to the show yet, but being from the South (Chattanooga, Tennessee) and growing there in the 80s and 90s I do feel the need to note that even when No Limit was popping and Cash Money was popping there were plenty of people fucking with Hip Hop outside of the South. In fact, a lot of stuff from the South that was blowing up at the time gateway’d a lot of my friends into music from New York (see: Raekwon’s verse on Skew It On the Bar-B). Most cats who were deep into hip hop and rap shit, even if they only listened to southern shit would at least acknowledge New York shit, and Cali shit.

    The difference with this dude isn’t just simply that he’s young and/or ignorant. He’s makin’ pop music that doesn’t really require a frame of reference for any classic (or decent Hip Hop). Getting mad at Soulja Boy for not knowing or respecting this stuff is like getting mad at one of those Jonas Brothers dudes for not knowing anything about Black Sabbath. They play the same instruments, but have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

  37. All you fag haters can eat a dick..The kid is making mad money and is success..He should be a role model to all you scummy niggas who never amount to shit..P.s…EAT A DICK….P.P.S…Mean ep Rosenberg & Oddisee

  38. Enjoyable and interesting show. It makes the birdwalk grow on me. Yet, when I was 10 I knew about all kinds of music back to the 1700’s. Also, read all comments and I agree with Prime Minister: a Funk Flex or Angie interview would be fun. Good job jewricans.

  39. i love all the hate comments, man you guys need to get a fucking life.

  40. I wasn’t feeling this soulja boy episode at all. However, I agree with dj regular though; “He’s makin’ pop music that doesn’t really require a frame of reference for any classic (or decent Hip Hop)”….sad but true.

    With that said, what’s good with premo episode Ciph?


  41. Damn… I’m upset that I’m responding to this so late… I wont even bother saying all of what I wanna say. But damn… this kid is a product of his environment and he’s smart enough to take advantage of some of the best parts of it. Kinda like the way Pete Rock was surrounding by records and decided to sample sh*t. He’s surrounded by Youtube, computers and cheap attainable production tools. Sure it would be nice if education came before opportunity, but sh*t don’t always work out like that. You don’t gotta like his music, but you can’t call what he did not Hip-Hop.

  42. lol after listening to this.

    soulja boy is a fucking moron.

    but he’s getting money, i can’t tell him nothing.

  43. Im not the biggest sb fan but I had to respect his hustle. There are HUNDREDS of guys out there that make songs just like soulja boy but he is the only one that really made it. He self made, wrote all his stuff and produced most of it himself. That first soulja boy album had songs on it that were over a year old and people still bought the album. I agree with the emotico…farragut foster…soulja boy made the most using the least…meanwhile we got some rappers out here that are associated with big time producers we have been waiting on for a couple years to put out a record that aint doin shit coughsaigoncough.

  44. Nerds fall back. Dont be mad at the kid for making it happen with almost nothing. I wonder how many of you have a room full of mpcs, modules and shit just cause you like the way it looks in the corner of your moms crib.

    Juan Ep is cipha and rosenberg good or bad. No rules from the jump. why are you trying to give it a format like radio??

  45. I think this was a great Juan Ep from the responses everyone has about it. Plus hearing Soulja Boys perspective on things was really interesting…

    And on that note lets avoid another Soulja Boy interview until he does some homework on this culture we call Hip Hop!

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