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CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/28/08 – John Legend

What’s goodie, checkin in from the Empire City. Today we talked about a foiled plot to kill Obama, and the record number of early voters in the US so far. Also talked about people coming to work sick and what was the worst thing you have caught at work. Sad Jennifer Hudson update (this situation sucks). Of course Tuesday is my favorite day with “Showdown with Cipha Sounds”. And to top it off, we had John Legend on the show talking about his new album “Evolver” coming out today. My boy Supa Dups from Black Chiney produced a couple of songs on there, including a bonus joint called “Can’t be my lover” featuring Buju Banton . Thanks for joining us people….

Click here to listen and download

- Cipha Sounds

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18 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/28/08 – John Legend”

  1. Thanks Ciph

  2. props chip

  3. LMAO….what the fuck are you and Rosenberg getting into heated over sick days.

  4. LMAO….what the fuck @ you and Rosenberg getting heated over sick days.

  5. @ JTGR : rosenberg gets emotional…. lol , i just laugh

  6. yall sounded like some bitches….

  7. bitches indeed…
    ironically I actually listened to this “episode” twice

    thanks ciph

  8. hmmm… john legend… there would be a great guest for a future juan epstein. Hopefully you guys locked it down.

  9. i like the way im so special was played after that song with the guy crying over the same riddim… having it rise is better than finishing off with a sad fucking song

  10. Im that dude that always comes to work sick. I havent used a sick day in over 7 years. If u dont wanna get sick dont come around my cubicle.

  11. that serani song is fire…and i also hate the people who think the cold makes you sick. bastards

  12. wtz gud ciph…show had me dyin but i deadass think u n rosenberg sud throw on da gloves teach dis dude a lesson…yo ciph man next show shoutout everybody doin dat graveyard shift dat listen 2 ya…ya deff make my last 2 hrz gooo quik as hell

  13. LMAO at “The Best of Lil Wayne” radio station. I remember when the morning shows would have half of the songs would be off Tha Carter III. lol! respect for the John Legend guest spot, dude is mad dope. once again was a great album in ’06. can’t wait to cop that evolver. as a North Cakalaka resident, really loving the show. listen to it religiously. keep up that real hip hop ish.

  14. @ BIG RED : Man, I appreciate the love. Thats why I try and put the show up everyday, so out of town people can enjoy as well. All I ask of you is to please spread the word to other people… we gotta blow this up.

  15. @ L.E.S : please man, I ain’t scarred of duke…. he does all that yelling and squaking around his boys to seem tough, but he ain’t got nothing over here…lol. But I definitely got you on the graveyard shift shout out. thanks.

  16. @ bananaclipse(3.0) : tell me about it. I hate when people say that shit.
    “Oh I’m gonna get sick outside, its cold” . YOU IDIOT!!!!!

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