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Welcome back to the grind, Today’s show had tons of topics. The most disturbing story over the weekend is definitely the Jennifer Hudson situation. Crazy world we live in. We also got political with Rosenberg’s Round table. Also, we talked about funny schoolyard fights. The funniest schoolyard fight is from the movie “3 o’clock high”. Rosenberg’s capo Jim Jones called up as well…. Peter was so happy.

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- Cipha Sounds

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16 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 10/27/08”

  1. Damn your fast !!!! My condolences to the Hudson family ….

  2. Cipha must have a delorean or somethin cos these shows are getting up faster than a kid slipping while trying a high kick while fighting.

    Appreciate it CS.


  3. 3’o clock High was a great movie the 80’s movies were the shit

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  5. damm right cipha u on your job. that hair ball rosenberg could learn a thing or 2 from u……and rosenberg don’t get hurt by that “hair ball” thing we all know how sensitive (pause) u can be….

  6. bout to listen now, props ciph.

    side note: shawty lo is a fucking G.

    • If Israel doesn’t act like an spoiled child, the JP redreas certainly do. I can’t imagine such a thing happens in Canada, if for example, a columnist in his blog writes a similar thing about Taliban terrorism against Canadians in Afghanistan. I think the management is scared that Larry’s apologetic reply shed some more subscribers, only because it bears Larry’s name. They just can’t handle seeing that evil name anymore. On the other hand, their moral stand on firing Larry will be weaken by publishing his reply. Naturally, (and sadly against the principal of freedom of speech), they feel much more comfortable censoring him. But isn’t Right of Reply supported by law in Israel? It’s the case (at least on paper) in my totalitarian homeland.

    • All the more reason to act dtcneely for once and be fair and develop a Palestinian state on ’67 lines you trade and exchange with in good faith. Who’s kidding who? No one with eyes to see thinks Bibi does not want, does not nurture, enemies with which to scare the people. Why do you think it is that hardly a single Western leader outside the Christian Right nutters trusts Bibi as far as he/she can throw him? In fact can not stand him? Who dies trust him? Only those who trust that he and Sarah are telling the truth and nothing but the truth about Nepalese caregivers.

  7. good lookin ciph.. puttin up the shows early.. whats goodie with juan epstein with leon!?!?

  8. The morning show was great as usual. But can u fill us in on the juan epstein schedule if u guys have come up with one. Im used to listen to to Juan Ep on mondays and last few weeks it hasnt been there.

  9. Why didnt jim jones mention the time him and camron got jumped at the rucker by junior mafia. Instead he mentioned something from 3rd grade. I dont know why rosenberg is on jim jones jock so much. Jimmy is not a tough guy he is like 5’3” my D%ck is bigger than jimmy.

  10. Another good show, you guys are killing me, do any other shows have funny ish like show down with cipha sounds, the week in pause and bloody freestlye battles were ciph murders people?

    These NY cats need to stpe there game up, if I didnt live in london and it didnt cost a fortune to call america, ciph would have lost the rap battle long time ha ha.

    Anywho keep moving at Juan volume.

  11. I’m fiending for some new juan epstein Ciph, I got the shakes son!

    • eric July 27, 2011 My god! I’m exhausted just reandig this! It has to be annoying (and tiring) to be around someone who’s always on the go and does everything perfectly. Sheesh! It would be interesting to talk to his ex and find out her reason for the divorce.

  12. YO. i always wanted to know… does that Mario joint sample Bill O’Riley? in the intro? i swear that shouting in the back sounds like “We’ll do it LIVE”

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