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Juan Epstein: 9/29/08 – Mr Cee talks B.I.G.

Whats good everybody, and happy new year to all of our Jewish listeners… Here is a great episode of Juan Epstein featuring a surprise interview with our good friend DJ MR CEE. He told us some great stories of how he met Biggie and got him his first deal. I also included some treats to download below so please enjoy and may the Swartz be with you.





- Cipha Sounds

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39 Responses to “Juan Epstein: 9/29/08 – Mr Cee talks B.I.G.”

  1. yo cipha thank you for putting this up. i was about to comment on rosenberg’s site and complain that the ‘posting it up on monday’ didn’t include us downunder. but there you go, cipha coming through for the new zealanders once again.

    shot ciph!

  2. Ciph… you crazy for this one!!!! good looks on putting this up

  3. Thanks Ciph for the early post.

  4. 1. Juanito I hope your mom gets better
    2. Rosenberg, stop jerking off in your moms bathroom
    3. You got to ask Mr. Cee about Kane… But also just ask about him, he got to have dope ass stories about getting on to Hot 97 and his experiences there
    4. Get that Angie/Juan Epstein SOON!
    5. Get the Mr.cee-Biggy tribute set NOW!!

  5. Angie? Nah, Rosenberg’s too “eeeeKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE”

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  6. Good look Ciph! This will hold me till I get off work at 7 am.

  7. Whoo! I need that 5 hours of B.I.G. ASAP!

  8. my insomnia pays off again!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. do you guys realize you guys are making hip hop archives…

    when fools want to get schooled on how (for example) how biggie grew up… theyd check out juan epstein…

    This is the most important shit since the wu <<<<< exaggerated statement

  10. great podcast.. you leaving us feindin for more.. the cd was way too short.. i know ya’ll don’t like suggestions but maybe since jada kiss is on his promo run ya’ll should get him up there w/ the rest of the lox, i know they got some stories for the hiphop junkies..

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  12. @ man_amazing : why do u say we hate suggestions?? I cool with it. maybe you are talking about Rosie….

  13. Got damn that was fire. By the way Ciph, did you always feel awkward about the Lil’ Kim/CNN situation when it popped off at the station? I know you mentioned that you do stuff with NORE and of course you used to DJ for Kim. Sorry, for the random question…

  14. […] Cee speaks on Biggie in this episode of Juan Epstein addthis_url = ‘'; […]

  15. Ciph, dope episode with Mr. Cee! Always great to hear stories about Biggie. Another cat I would love y’all to get on the podcast would be Joell Ortiz dope emcee from BK on the come up. Make that happen Ciph.


  16. Ah man this was maybe one of the best… from this comes a possible BDK & Mister Cee podcast plus a five hour Biggie/Mister cee mix which will be unbelieeeeevable. Much appreciated Cipha..

  17. Gracie may not listen..but the rest of the Toronto girls do :)

  18. O!M!G! is it really coming (pause)?? hey can you get the primo james brown tribute or at least point to it…

  19. Whoo! I need that 5 hours of B.I.G. ASAP!

    Get the Mr.cee-Biggy tribute set NOW!!

  20. @ Deck – CO-Mf’n SIGN!

    peace to you Juanito

    Ciphernberg, THANK YOU for MORE Hip-Hop History!

    Please …… M O A R!

  21. Ciph,
    Thanks dude! This JuanEp was sick! I’ve always been a ‘pac guy, never got that into B.I.G (pause) because Puff is such an epic douche. But hearing B.I.G’s history outside of some shitty VH1 Behind the Music was dope.

  22. Thankz Ciph!

    I have also always been a pac guy, but that BIG history was really interesting..

    Can’t wait for that 5hrs of BIG..

    You must have a few stories being Lil Kim’s DJ

  23. you get BDK on Juan Ep and I’m gonna run home and slap my momma.

    i’m serious, you better no F it up with 30 minutes of Ciph catchin feelins over Juanito’s mackin game.

    120 minute Juan Ep with BDK and Mr. Cee.

    then call Daddy-O and ask him WHAT WAS HE THINKIN?

    4reals, think of all the 6 Degrees-of-seperation ISH that was goin on in hop hop 15-20 years ago.. no one got love for hip hop no more, selfish bastids.

    Mr. Cee, (and all the rest of you legends, holdin on to ISH) you need to come clean with the unheard-underground-unreleased ISH… now is the time to get heads to fall back in love with hip hop.

  24. Rosenberg should invite the BIG JEW himself ILL BILL on the show….Cipha can get JOELL ORTIZ and everyone can have a big cuddle

  25. H I S T O R Y

    T H A N K Y O U G U Y S

  26. Ciph,
    since you aren’t on Sirius anymore, do you still plan on doing the Behind the Board series? I know you are mad busy now, but the 2 that you did were really good.

  27. Ciph,
    Everybody knows you have a hectic schedule, but if you have time

    can you please post up “Get Money” the video version with Big saying

    (What Ya Say Uh) on the hook. I could never get that fucking promo.

    You DJed for Junior M.A.F.I.A., so I know you got that shit. But I know

    that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll post it up. Be easy.

  28. I meant djed for Lil’ Kim. By the way, “Warning” was supposed to be

    for Big Daddy Kane. Kane passed on it & Biggie yanked that shit

    for his album.

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  29. yall are some lucky guys Cee is probably 1 of my favorite DJs man think about meeting big before he got big damn that just bugs me out…thanks to yall and advance to cee for the 5 hour big tribute maaan i can’t wait!

  30. Great show guys. Very entertaining.

  31. whats good with the 5hr biggie mix

  32. Thanks Mr C for salvaging this podcast. I love you Cyph but that rant in the beginning was mad boring. At least you apologized for it. Keep up the great podcasts Rosie & Cyph

  33. This one was definately one of the best podcasts ya’ll have done so far. With all these Biggie stories people have talked about on yall’s podcast and that movie Notorious coming out next year yall should think about doing a mixtape kind of like Tupac Rap Phenomenon II when that movie Tupac Resurrection come out. You and Rosenberg could use the stories people have told as interludes. Ya’ll could aslo try and get exclusives from Mister Cee and others. I remebered yall mentioned DJ Enuff having the original version of You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You). Just a suggestion. Thanks for doing the podcast. Definately keeps me entertained at work.

  34. That is some great Juan Epstein right there.

    More Mr Cee!

  35. Yo. That was incredible. You guys never disappoint. I would love to hear a Big Daddy Kane / Mr. Cee Jaun Ep. When you have hip hop legends on here, it reminds me of the book “check the rhyme”, by Brian Coleman that Cipha suggested on Shade 45. Thats the perfect book for hip hop nerds. Thanks

  36. Cipha,

    Been a big fan since Shade 45. This is the only time I will complain about what you do. How you going to talk about Juanito for 30 minutes when you have Mr. Cee in the Studio?????? We could have had an hour of Biggie talk but you messed it up talking about “My Friend” Come on Dog do better than that. If I get the 5 hour tribute I will forgive you though. Stay up.

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