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Today’s post of radio show

I put today’s show up but I put the wrong date on the mp3.  I just listened to it and is todays show 9-26-08.  Sorry for confusion . Thanks for the people that put me up on this.

- Cipha Sounds

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7 Responses to “Today’s post of radio show”

  1. just wanna say; i live in jersey (trenton/hamilton area), and for some reason we don’t get hot 97 on our radios in my lil area. im glad you post these up daily! with the bullshit that goes down at my job, listening to your show, even the old ones, gets me through the day. keep doing the damn thing!

  2. …and i love you

  3. sup ciph? i know you got them wu tang dunks. are they really 7500.00 per pair? trying to find them in l.a. right now.

  4. Yo cipha im trying to find 2 programs aka software

    1) to make my own beats
    2) and to loop music and blend etc.

    What do you reccommend?

    What do you reccommend thats free?

  5. Much love from Stockholm, Sweden!! Thanks for a great show!

  6. Tellin people that you “got the Ex if they into takin drugs” at 6am is a little crazy. New York is willin’ out son!


  7. @ Marco

    Ableton Live and Reason is all you need…

    Fruity Loops is a close third on that list…

    If you have no money and need some free joints…get the DAW called Reaper and hit up for free Vst’s ONE!

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