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Be Our Guest… (the making of)

Here is the making of the smash hit “Be Our Guest”. It is one of many songs and schemes to come to get Jay-z and Beyonce on our show, Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg… HOT 97, weekdays 5am – 7am .Please spread the word.

- Cipha Sounds

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12 Responses to “Be Our Guest… (the making of)”

  1. I love this song!! lol

  2. thanx for the response. makes alot of sense. I think there are too many labels for music. lets just use good and bad, and i been fuckin wit kardi a long time now. i dont think this new album is that dope but he is one of the best lyrically in the game. i think he has the busta rhymes disease,(spits better than everybody out there but doesent pick good beats to get on). Busta is a top 5 mc of all time but doesent have that one album to sit on. I think his king of the remixes mixtape is the best.

  3. the fucking best…. do that morning show thing…….

    • Posted on I am team Katniss is awesome and I just delpsrateey want to read Catching Fire and why doesn’t my library have it yet? I have a thing against love triangles, and I am in this for the incredibly awesome world building and sheer awesome that is Katniss.

  4. you get the Joker clap from the dark knight

  5. the story behind the “i like turtles” kid…

  6. I don’t get to listen to you whole show cause I’m a truck driver but the stuff I do hear is fucking great. I know your show is new but keep up the great work cause I hope your show takes over big boy’s show…..not really feelin’ that show

  7. That Bootleg Uncle Fester has a misshapen melon

  8. love the show … hate that song …

  9. Peace Ciph,
    Please post that new Juan Epstein tonight so that cats can have it for Monday morning. I know Rosenberg is holding off till Monday to post it it will make my Monday morning a hell of a lot better to walk into the office with it.

  10. Posted on Thanks Christian It was such a pleasure hnivag you. I loved every minute of it.I learnt so much during our time together. I miss our talks:( Picking you up in the morning, training, and chatting about philosophy all day long.We are doing some important work together (well at least I think we So excited for what the future holds and really promoting life performance coaching through martial arts!

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