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We had Jim Jones and Ron Browz on the show. They talked about everything from how to properly count money to getting smacked in the industry. We also had our weekly G.O.A.T. list. Today we were talking about the greatest chips of all time. I’m personally going with the the Pringles salt and vinegar.

Click here to listen & download.

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35 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9-25-08”

  1. i know im on the westcoast but damn this ish already up? and salt and vinegar? your crazy. BBQ lays all day

  2. max b just said he cleaned jim jones’ clock…

    there must be two sides

  3. its so weird you have them on the show cuz im about to sue they ass!!!


    SO FUCK DIPSET(…..tilll i get my shirt)

  4. yo ciph you are really killing rosenberg on the blog tip.. speed and consistency is key… Good looking on the supplying the fiends asap..

  5. Salt & Vinegar chips for me all day, but I can’t believe no one said hint of lime chips. Hint of lime chips with some mild salsa is the shit.

    • David / Beyonce – Dangerously In LoveMariah Carey – The EmancipationAaliyah – AaliyahAmerie – All I have (still listen to this till this day)Tweet – Southern HummingbirdUsher – Confusions50 cent – Get Rich Or Die Tryin’Mary J. Blige – The BreakthroughLykee Li – Youth NovelsKanye West – Late RegistrationJustin Timberlake – Future Sex/LoveSoundsAshanti – Ashanti (this was a good album even thugoh she can’t sing…lol)Brandy Fullmoon (a lot of ppl slept on this album)

  6. lol @ playing Swagger Like Us & the Jocking Jay-Z bit before Jimmy came on… Jimmy lost

  7. flaming hot cheetos

  8. I was true to Rosenberg for a while… but since he’s been slackin on posting the mornin shows, I’m transferrin to Dont Get Gassed University. Late Registration!!!

  9. Ciph, the show is getting better with each listen! Good looking out on the early links.

    As for chips, you can’t go wrong with Pringles salt and vinegar joint.

    I can’t mess with bbq flavoured chips either…lol

  10. you dont nothing about Flamin Hot Monster Munches…

  11. Salt and Vinegar all day…Then BBQ, Fritos 3rd and only cause you can get those chili cheese fritos off the ice cream truck here in cali.

  12. “I got smacked once in the game” (c) Ciph


    Ok, we need Jim Jones in Juan Epstein asap just for the hip-hop stories, he’s a really funny dude!

  13. @soulsupreme – I totally agree with you …Jim Jones on Juan Epstein would be fantastic!!!! :-)))

    Keep it up Ciph on posting the links early!

    Ketchup Lays all day for me!

  14. Ayo Cipha what up, I got to say that the original Doritos chips are the best chips to eat.

  15. whats up ciph? I was listening to your real late show wit pr and it seemed weird that you didnt know what alot of those records and it seemed to coincide with a complaint that flex and alot of og dj’s make about dj’s not breaking records or keeping their ear to the streets. Im 34 and i remember when underground was a good thing. What happened? Does it have to come from a major label or have a famous feature for you to listen. it seems like you like some of the shit pr is playin but are you looking for these records to break in the clubs or on the air. Im not tryin to hate, I think all yall shows are dope. JE is dope. Artists get to talk about the music and thats tight. thats just the only thing that threw me off a lil bit. keep up the hood work!

  16. I dont know how i forgot to mention…but plain lays+crystals hot sauce = that shit!

  17. Damn Im listening to the show….I thinking Sarah Palin is Dan Quayle version 2.0. I see why McCain is trying to keep her away from the press now.


    had me ROLLIN. well done.

    word. i noticed you have been editing out the phone-jack the past couple shows.. and i say THANK YOU SIR.

    u WRONG for getting little babies 2 curse tho. that was funny until he dropped the B-Bomb

  19. the show is truly crack ciph…they should kick big boy out and have yall for 4 hours on some spanish station shit…good looks on the early link…

  20. I smell a Juan Epstein with Jimmy on deck…

  21. @ a fan in L.A:

    From another fan here in LA to a fan in L.A.
    My 2 cents doesn’t come from commercial radio…it comes from college radio and making phone calls all day to record label promotion departments.
    I remember I used to call dood over at Relativity all the time to try to get Beatnuts and Common 12″inch singles so I could play on the radio but also at the basement college parties. It was always a tough sell…I had to fax my school profile and radio station details…basically I had to sell to these label heads why they should waste their time with a radio that had a potential audience of 10 thousand people vs. commercial radio of hundreds of thousands that they couldn’t even get on. Shout out to Carmelita when she was at Delicious Vinyl though…Always hooking us college radio up.
    Back in like 92-94 i don’t remember ever hearing any singles from Can I Borrow A Dollar, Resurrection, or Intoxicated Demons on a commercial station unless it was a late night mix show.
    Fast forward to 1996 and I remember my mailbox full of boxes of 12″. 90% garbage from the likes of Epic/Sony, Island/DefJam, Interscope, Columbia et al. So to get quality records I had to drive 4 hours to BeatSTreet in Brooklyn and just go to the section that the in store DJ’s highlighted as the best joints…they were all indie artists as well… I think for me? DJ’s trust other DJ’s…it wasn;t until I got a nice hook up at SIR and also when I met DJ’s like AV, Camilo, ToneDef, and the Beatminerz DJ’s that exposed me to different genres and to new artists. I also listened to their mixtapes, shows, and went to the clubs they spun at. Also, I know a lot of DJ’s that were deep in indie records from 96 to 99 but as soon as 2K came they tuned out because the quality of indie records fell off and the major label artists started stepping up their game or other doors opened up like clubs and commercial radio. It takes a lot of effort to listen to everything that’s out there…so you need good people to tune you into good tunes.

  22. […] Cipha Sounds & Pete Rosenberg […]

  23. AY CIPH! Yo!

    Just noticed the blog role addition and wanted to say thanks etc. As usual I am still over here workin and definitely look up to you as a inspiration. If you ever need a new Drewski(….Newski) or there is an internship opening please let me know and Ill push my mum out the way and jump on a plane.

    I would rather have a reason to turn up outside HOT 97 instead of coming at you with Gingervitis & bad clothing like Metro Knome.

    Appreciate the appreciation.


  24. YO, HOT FRIES by Toms are G.O.A.T chips! I thought they only sold those in the hood!! Everytime i went to a store in the burbs they never had them. I asked the clerk a few different times and they’d look at me like they never heard of HOT FRIES! LOL …

    Shit, I’m bout to go buy me a bag right now son!!

  25. tell me you got a juan epstien with capo!?

  26. dat Pop Champagne is a BANGER

  27. juan epstien with jimmy would be INSANE

  28. @ everyone : we did not get a Juan Epstein podcast with Jimmy, cause again, we were rushed out of the studio. But we did speak with him about it and we are gonna get on that soon. Holla black…

  29. @ ldn : I appreciate the post kid. where are u from again?

  30. Too bad you didn’t get’em on Juan Epstein Ciph, but looking forward to a future podcast with Jimmy! That would be ill son!

  31. @ the L A fans : I see both sides of it. Here is my problem with underground. a lot of dj’s and fans just want to fight commercial music, so they play underground just out of spite. Now back in the days when I was an underground head, I was supporting the cause I really liked the music and I believed in it. I can’t play music just cause it’s underground or indie. When I hear something I like i play it, when I hear something I love I break it. I don’t like a lot od=f the shit coming out nowadays.

    Lets take Kardi for example… He has been making dope indie records since day one and now that he has a smash hit, I’m not supposed to play it?? that doesn’t make any sense. But when I was playing all of his underground records no one was saying anything.

    I also believe that underground heads are haters. I like rocking clubs where people are dancing and partying. as a club dj, that is my drug. the new termanology joint is not gonna work in that venue. its not made for that, but since it doesn’t work there, the underground will hate those club goers. They don’t give a fuck about underground. as a matter of fact…. they don’t even know it exist. they just wanna hear there favorite songs and dance. they don’t analyze, and breakdown, and dissect the music like we do. so now we call the stupid or ignorant. I have accepted long ago that everyone isn’t into music like I am. They don’t care who produced the song or what sample they used. So that’s why I separate my “job” as a radio dj and my love for hip hop. But I do pride myself in being able to rock almost any crowd. I don’t there are many dj’s that can jump from world to world like I can. Sorry for rambling but I like what I like and I always speak my mind. If you know some good shit I should check out, please let me know.

  32. @ London Joe : yo falback kid. you have to remember… I have spent al lot of time in London.. I know about the monster munch. And I know about “bits”. all the loose batter from the fish and chip spots at the bottom of the frying oil that you can buy for 25p. Dont test my world knowledge kid…. LOL

  33. @ Ciph: Im from London, East London(if that matters). Chip/Crisp life over here is crazy, I thought about mentioning Monster Munch or McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak but didnt know you had been over here.

    For all the UK/London people I have to give a special mention to Space Invaders/French Fries/Cheese Burger favoured QuaterBacks/Transformers. Anything that tastes good and is in the 10-20p range is a classic in my book and my book is made out of crisps.


  34. @ Ciph: In Toronto they do the fish n chips a lot. I think they call the “bits”, “fish crumbs” up there in the dot. I’m from BK but whenever I’m up there it’s fish n chips with extra fish crumbs, free of charge! lol

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