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21 Responses to “CIPHA SOUNDS & ROSENBERG: 9-24-08”

  1. Ciph

    Im at finance student at Florida State. And i gotta tell you the truth man. as FSU has been known as a football powerhouse (we’re gonna get back soon) athletes tend to get a lot of “action”. Best believe there is litterally a group of females that dont hang around on campus…and only go to class and fuck football players @ burt reynolds hall (athlete dorm)….so if the chick got it from 2 athletes…its PROBABLY more…lol

  2. that’s what i’m talking aboot…who starts a show with the martial arts riddim? nobody else except Cipha Sounds – FIYAH!

  3. Ciph… Texas Road House got the free bread game on SMASH!!

  4. i must say, i appreciate the ammount of ol’skool/underground you have been playin on the morning show lately.. thanks, now can i get my shout-outs?

    i think an interview with DE LA is in order.

  5. […] Cipha/Rosenberg: 9/24/08 […]

  6. relationship topic for suggestion: we suspect my bothers baby-momma is using santeria on him… who does this any more? and how do you break it?

    …..discuss amongst urselves

  7. yo that Be Our Guest song is FIRE.

    nice job.

  8. whoaaaaaa…I acutally went to FSU ’99-04 and i can co-sign what ezey already said. If she went to school the same years I was there best belive she prolly got around – get the chick tested! haha but great show holla

  9. Cipha you fuckin liar…you said you cried when Flex screamed on you at some DJ event! Something about hanging with some other DJ’s…you know.

  10. nice beat selection today. where else what you get a hi-hat sample reference at 6 in the morning. nice work

  11. Yoo Ciph outta all the Latarian drops your missin a good one man
    where he says, “I Loooove Women” …classic
    -Ike–Far Rock

    • Ariana Posted on I can’t believe how many pepole root for Peeta. I mean, sure, he’s kind, sweet, caring, selfless and all that other stuff but personally, I don’t think Collins has done enough justice with Gale. He’s HARDLY in both books and I feel as if she’s leaving us with the guy Katniss doesn’t want to be with on purpose as opposed to the guy she wants (but who is hardly ever around). Although, in the end, even though it’d piss me off A LOT she’d probably be on her own. But think about it, she’s still a teenager. How can she decide on this stuff when she’s a teenager?

  12. @ p : thanks son, we been trying to get the breats right. i been speeding them up to on the turntables to give them that dj edge.

  13. @ london joe : you are right , but that wasnt at “work” . I have never cried at hot 97. I ran outside and cried but never in the building. hhhhaaaaaaaa

  14. @yianni : thanks dog, we appreciate that.

  15. @ major : we trying to “keep it real” and keep our underground flavor alive.

  16. @ Regend : MAN…. you see that right??? hhhaaaaa. i got some more coming. we gonna get ugly with the beats.

  17. CIPH!

    How about I found out my ex-girl gave it up to Dwayne Wade!

    All her friends get with athlete’s and industry dudes… I had to throw in the towel after that one.

    She even told him she didn’t care that he’s married!

  18. yo ciph! would you ever get with a chick in the same industry as you? or have u smashed any famous chicks? keep it real son! haa

  19. Britec09 on September 24, 2011 @2010intelcore It is a old O/S but as a tech your still come across the opietarng system a fair bit and loads of people still use Windows XP Home, Pro, MCE & 64bit

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