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This is kinda crazy. Kels must have hit a soar spot on Funk Flex.  Shit might get ugly.

- Cipha Sounds

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  1. I saw this on Info’s blog. Cot damn, Flex, who otherwise seems like one of the coolest and nicest cats in the biz, is really got a mean mug on during this video. And plus, he’s keeping it mad real by saying that he takes partial blame for this craziness that Kels is on. That takes some cajones.

    “What you mean teenage? Like 19?”


  2. flex goes in. i prefer this flex than the one thats playing nice to all the ppl with successful songs. some of those successful songs are garbage. kells def lost his mind. maybe a radio dj boycott will help this nigga and society just a bit

  3. oh man flex had me at ‘members only jacket’ but the mel brooks jr. reference killed it – LOL’z…as for Kells dude has a real problem and I ain’t mad at flex for checking dude..

  4. Damn ciph did you see Faizon love diss Flex for this video he made !!! The shit is crazy check it out …

  5. yo I co sign with flex, we need to start checking these artist. Let them know that many HipHop funs are part of families or have children. We should have done something about “homeboy” long time ago. Air this motherfucker out, Michael Jackson too, living around a grade school. fuck that. We need more of this, when a nig is wrong, his is wrong!!!! fuck that !!! call him out.

  6. UH OH!
    faison love aka big worm responds to flex

  7. BIG-ups to FMF for speaking on this.
    R.Kelly sickens me like any pedophile – and Hip Hop needs to make a stand. This is BULL ISH that cats will do songs and get paper from duke, but wont speak on what we ALL know is the truth.

    We (Hip Hop) OWN the responsibility to protect our children. To allow this cat to claim any more shine on the back of Hip Hop is to say we don’t give a ISH about our children.

    I love Hip Hop as I love my kids, I want it to continue to grow and thrive, you all know what happens when an abused child grows up – its a recipe for disaster.

    I got 3 girls, and ill be DAMNED if they will know ANYTHING about R.Kelly.. he simply will not exist to them other than a historic reference…

  8. Yo fuck Faizon Love. Why is he coming at Flex like that? I agree with Flex on this one, but if I disagreed it’s not like I’d be on YouTube threatening to fight him, unless of course he has some bromantic feelings for Kelly. I otherwise like Faizon but I’m highly disappointed in him after hearing that.

  9. Flex was right in what he was saying 200% !!! but…he was only 6 yrs late….I watched the video twice and he zeroed in on the “what do you mean by teenagers?” comment…but he needed to zero in on him when he married Aaliyah…

    in either case im still glad he spoke out…Kellz is sick, he needs to really seek help or something….

    And about Faizon, how can any father side with R Kelly? Even if you arent a father, how do u side with someone who sleeps with little girls?
    He needs to focus on figuring out how he can get into another movie and quit the BS….

    SMH @ actors making youtube videos dissing people….

  10. so 19 year olds are bad looking? I don’t think it’s a problem if R Kelly likes some mature looking 18 or 19 year olds and therefore the teenager question was unfair because there is a big difference between a nineteen year old and a thirteen year old. He never said or implied he likes 16 year olds during that interview. He might, but he never said it or implied in the interview so don’t use this this particular interview as evidence for attacking R Kelly…In 15 years there will be a similar video from Flex regarding the state of commercial rap. That should be his focus now, not R Kelly.

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