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Normally we don’t do politics on the this blog. But this morning I woke up to the new that Tina Fey just entered the presidential election. If you don’t who Tina Fey is she’s the mind behind “30 ROCK”, the funniest show on TV that I never get to see. She also starred on SNL for a few years and wrote “Mean Girls” which is the only Lindsey Lohan movie I ever saw. Check out her IMDB page to check her stats. I’m really excited that McCain picked her man, I didn’t even know she was republican. I mean Barack is my dawg for life, but this is just what we need in a time of war on the brink of recession… the entire country needs to lighten the f*ck up. McCain/Fey 08′ bitches.

- Farragut Foster

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8 Responses to “I F*CKS WITH FEY!!!”

  1. haha made this connection myself
    new season of 30 rock starts tonight
    i fucks wif fey

  2. Tina Fey is fine as hell, Epsteinberg looks like Leo Spaceman

    And I have hollow bones.

  3. que que?

  4. I just went on google tryign to find this tina fey/mccain connection then i figured ohh its just that she looks like that sarah palin chick, u faked me out dude.

  5. This lady is like Tina Fey’s older older sister, but she still is fine.

  6. how about a link/source.
    people get mad suspicious these days.

  7. @ rearviewradio – link deez nuts. true story / real talk.

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