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Cipha + Rosenberg + Latarian = A Dream Come True

It happened. It finally happened. And here it is. Your boys finally got the chance to talk to the man, the myth, the legend–Latarian Milton. There are so many things to check for that I have to leave it up to our listeners to point them out. Ready….go!


- Cipha Sounds

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34 Responses to “Cipha + Rosenberg + Latarian = A Dream Come True”

  1. good shit. i can’t wait for this epic audio to finish downloading.

  2. a masterpiece of interviewing. i would love to see video of your guys faces.

  3. lol “i love you to death”
    the power rangers line was funny two
    steak and chicken

    good lines im picking up so far

  4. […] dream come true for my boys, Rosenberg and Cipha. They finally got a chance to talk to Latarian Milton. This made my […]

  5. too*

    lol his grandma is like giving him stuff to say

  6. LOL

  7. ciph, you should buy him a wii and a pack of newports. word is bond.


  8. cipha loves this kid…why dont you just become his mentorer

  9. You guys definitely did it live!

  10. Steak and Chicken……lmao!

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  12. I loooovvvveeee Women (c) Tary Milton

    I cant lie, his grandmother seems dumber than him. I can’t believe she tried to justify HOW he drove!





  14. -“he’s a white guy and he’s a rapper”
    -“that’s a drop for me”


  15. awww damn… epic shit… and stop askin who his hoodrat friend is… He aint snitchin… he standin tall… lol.. but smh at his grandma appluading him for obeying traffic laws… lol

  16. this is the greatest interview ever… so much insight… this kid has got a solid future ahead of him… you guys better take care of him…

    “i’m a good boy”- (c) tary milton

    • cartercool90 on July 13, 2009 if mama bird push baby bird out of nest, and then baby crack head on ground and get eaten by cat then he do betetr next time! lol Christmas Eve is so random

  17. incredible. he listens to gospel…..

    clearly his grandmother told me him to say that.

  18. Yo, yall gonna get my ass fired from work!!! It’s an instant classic juan ep…definitely the second best show to date(after Pete Rock of course.) It would of got 1st place but Rico’s phuckin voice annoys me. I don’t understand why his ass is always speakin up…I thought engineers are supposed to check the levels and make sure nobody walks into the room. Tell the cum dump to fall back….Tryin to ride yall coat tails like its his show too… It aint called Juan Epstein & Friends….

  19. “I cant lie, his grandmother seems dumber than him. I can’t believe she tried to justify HOW he drove!”

    Basically she’s acknowledging what happened and looking at it from all angles rather than just “he did a bad thing so he’s getting punished.”

    Yeah, he fucked up, but he obeyed the traffic laws while doing so. That’s worth mentioning. Neither of them are dumb. You don’t know them.

  20. hey ciph…rosenbergs cheap ass is trying to get people on his blog to picth in the purcahse that game for latarian….rosenbergs such a cheap jew….if he wants to be riding for the team he should be willing tp go half with you on the purchase…hes out for self like when u guys needed a new door..

  21. yo for real stop disrespecting the grandmother. shes a good woman. shes there for him, unlike other people in his life…i dont remember what she said happen to his father but shit at least someone is stepping up and taking care of the kid. alot of dudes out here poppin one and being done. thats not how shit works. and shes not justifying shit. shes just saying he’s not dumb.


  23. I Love you show…..
    The bestr in years, Hands down!!!!!!
    You both will blow up and fast.


    PS It’s fun to do bad things. lol

  24. Great Minds Think Alike!

    “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
    Walter Bagehot
    English economist & journalist (1826 – 1877)

    “It’s fun to do bad things”
    American Baby Gangster (2000 – ?)

  25. “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
    Walter Bagehot
    English economist & journalist (1826 – 1877)

    “It’s fun to do bad things”
    American Baby Gangster (2000 – ?)

  26. ^^^^ This means Little Tary Milton will be one of the greatest minds of our generation!!!!

  27. Firstly, i just was in the Bape shop in London UK (i put that because you yanks are dumb and will probably wonder whereabouts in Canada I am) and all of a sudden, out the fucking radio i hear ‘I Like Turtles!’…i nearly pissed myself…i was aware Ciph did mixes for them and what not, but that def caught me by surprise…

    Secondly, Tary’s fucking one of a kind! That kid is special, even after these Juan Ep appearances you know we’ll be hearing from him…


  28. When you get him that Wii tell him he’s not allowed to play it for a whole weekend

  29. Latarian’s statement. ‘its fun to do bad things’, is universal concept engraved into every human beings consciousness. It is absolutely true.

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  32. Kinu:You should regularly read Ghawar Guzzler, just for balance. ,

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