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The web was buzzing this morning from video of K-ci and Jo Jo performing in Australia. During their final song “All My Life” Jo Jo collapsed in the middle of the stage. Many bloggers speculated it was due to Alcohol and drug use. Listen to K-ci attempt to clear up those rumors with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg on Hot 97 New York City.

- Cipha Sounds

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14 Responses to “K-Ci & JO JO UPDATE! K-Ci SPEAKS!!”

  1. ‘I don’t even drink Coke cuz it says “coke” on it.’ HILARIOUS.

  2. Fayetteville,NC stand up!

  3. if that nigga KC aint on drugs then he got issues…

    fucking hilarious interview…


  4. white people who “love” hip hop dont even like music like jodeci….that prooves there going through a phase like rosenberg and when they grew out of it they will get a high end suit job at there fathers law firm

  5. Its funny how Rosenberg bitched up when K-ci asked him what he said when he tried to slip tht joke in at the end of the interview… that “n-bomb” is corny

  6. yea rosenberg is starting to get comfortable….notice how ciph been in the game for over a decade and he watches his mouth…rosenberg still kinda reckless…once rosenberg catches a beat down he will learn real fast lol..

  7. apparently the internets is serious business

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  8. This is a staged publicity stunt… Good job on their part! Now can anybody tell me if there is a best of Jodeci album on the way?

  9. How would we feel if the whole world continued to judge us ? but yet they had it all wrong!!! pay attention to the way he fell and the way he got up………. instead of what other people are saying…….

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