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26 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN – SEASON 2 EP. 7 – Q TIP”

  1. thanx for the sudden influx of Jaun Ep’s

  2. you’re the freakin’ man ciph

  3. Yo, good look Cipha Jaun!

  4. Dope.

    For all your hip-hop needs, check out:

  5. this could quite possibly be the greatest JuanEp ever recorded in the history of the universe.

  6. legendary juan ep. dropping knowledge. damn they get better reverytime cant wait for the other part. defiantly gonna share this

  7. cant believe u guys gave him ISH about electric relaxation – that’s like pissing on a VanGogh because you didnt like the shade of blue he used.

    you fugginjaggoffs.

  8. I have a bit of buyer’s remorse in that I wish they had 80 minutes with Tip. God damn.

  9. Q-Tip wrote Bonita when he was 14, recorded the demo when he was 15…Wow! I knew he was genius, but damn!

    Great show guys.

  10. […] Juan Epstein – Season 2 Ep 7 – Q-Tip […]

  11. Dope interview. How could you not ask about CROOKLYN???
    Either way, still loved the interview.

  12. ebro can eat a fat cock for cutting juan epstein short….20 fuckin mins?

    i wanted to hear shit about the fuckin illmatic and infamous album and how q tip helped mobb deep…

    man ebros a faggot….fucking afhani lookin bearded bald head fuck boy!

  13. the greatest juan ep ever cut short like that…
    that’s some f’ing bs.

  14. @ major

    they gave him shit because they are 2 dj’s that

    can’t bring the “uh” back precisely on the 1 & 2’s with

    two copies of “electric relaxation”.

    unlike myself, i make it sound FRESH!!!!! like a turtle would.

  15. one of the best tribe interviews ever !!! pure genius
    well done … damn it could have gone for hour .. part 2
    needed .

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  16. Hellzyeah. Thanks Ciph. Those 90’s day man. That was my ish. Nice to hear how TIP met Dilla…and also how peeps be quick to throw on the Dilla shirt. The entire interview shed much needed light on production and so much more.

    Thanks. Peace 2 the Godz.

  17. […] Juan Epstein: Season 2 Episode 7 […]

  18. That shit was about an hour too short

  19. wow. there’s more ass patting going in here than a gay baseball game.

    long time j.epstein listener, but i’m actually shocked at rosenberg and ciph’s lack of certain basic tribe related knowledge. peter asking why phife wasn’t on the first album, ciph asking who vinia mojica is, pete asking ciph who the fu-schnickens are? both of them not knowing what song ron carter played on…

    it sounded like a hip-hop short bus committee meeting between the two of them. ciph…you play music professionally. do the knowledge on j.dilla already and step your game up for hey zeus’ sake. YOU PLAY MUSIC PROFESSIONALLY!!

    consider this a talk a coach would give his two outfielders who spend the inning playing grab-ass in the outfield. peptalk like.

    cas | Aug 26, 2008 |

  20. im waiting on part 2!! thanks for this though…

  21. JuanEp, pass this along to tip when u see him again, it’s my new ringtone.

  22. too many fukin interruptions. tell that horsheshack fuck and that other fuker withe beard–looks like a fuked up rik fox–to let fuckas live

  23. yeah, ciph. i know you check this shit. let fuckas live and shit. you have weight up there at the station. put the iron fist down and stop being mr. polite. your mothertruckin’ cipha sounds! shade 45 and all that shit. and tell rosenbergur to stop being a herb. he was out of control on that murs juan epstein. fortunately murs is a nice guy or he would’ve colored your boy turd ferguson “flagrino”!!

    step up your iron fist game, ciph. for the people.

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