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8 reasons why this weekend I’m going to see the Dark Knight for the second time (and you should too).

  1. The pencil trick
  2. The bike flip.
  3. Because as dope as the writing was… I’m certain that I missed a few things… (why did the Batman save Harvey?)
  4. Lcd and plasma ain’t got sh*t on IMAX
  5. The Watchmen trailer
  6. Because when you do the math… Gotham lost, Harvey Lost, Batman lost… the Joker won.
  7. Because I feel kind of emotionally unsettled now… and I need closure.
  8. I’m the biggest Batman fan in the world (so keep up!)

- Farragut Foster

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18 Responses to “8 REASONS…”

  1. (why did the Batman save Harvey?)

    ^ cos he can’t kill

  2. n he saved harvey over the girl cause joker switched the addresses

  3. I agree Cyph, I might have to watch it again this weekend.
    And if you’re the biggest Batman fan, I’m in a close 2nd my good man.

    By the way, congrats on the Hot97 early bird special, some real good shit. I used 2 listen to u on Sirius b4 my subscription ended. Funny shit, keep up the good work.

  4. The movie was insane!

    You can’t see it on a regular screen and be satisfied. Hell, seeing it once leaves you satisfied but needing to see it again, it’s just that good.

  5. could i ask a favour of the don’t get gassed regulars … can we start looking at who posted the entry.

    you can’t agree with cyph if it was foster who posted

  6. shiiiiiiiit…….

    tomorrow i’m going to see this movie for my 3rd time.

  7. damn i gotta go see what the hype is about. i feel so lame right now.

  8. im really slacking right now… ive seen every movie this summer except Batman begins. ima have to go this weekend.

  9. Was it just me, but I was really waiting for Batman to throw a batarang in the film. It on the poster, but no; not once did he let one fly.

    Lastly, and you heard it here first. I noticed in the editing it was a really bloodless movie. The pencil, all the joker knives and the scene when he escapes. No blood. I predict an unrated, deleted scenes DVD special edition. Remember this day. I said it.

  10. yo ciph doesent the watchmen trailer kick ass, looks like there finally gona do alan moore justice in a film

  11. He saved harvey because Joker switched the addresses knowing batman would go for the girl. It was part of his plan to corrupt harvey dent

  12. hey ciph, dont block anyones view with your fuckin enormous head and humongous nose….hey they can point the projector to your forhead and the whole theatre can watch the movie…

  13. Yo Ciph – Tell this fool Farragut to go post on his own blog.

    Really, I don’t get it. Shits wack, yo.

  14. I know one reason not to see it, that ugly azz female they were in ‘Love” with

  15. tryin to watch this flick for the 2nd time at an IMAX theatre….

    i think i missed some things too…

    the movie was def wild…

  16. ever since rosenberg used us to get famous with juan epstein..and got his full time job..hes not responding to requests and conversing…what a user…

    hey are there going to be any juan epstein espisodes or you guys scratched it?

    whatever happened to …we do this for the people?

    i guess you got to use the “we keep it real and do it for the love” gimmick untill it works and gets you in a new tax bracket…

    sell outs..


  18. asking for a handout scrub muthafucka.

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