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I had kind of a messy weekend so I missed the first episode of this last night. Thank g*d for HBO On-Demand. If any of you watched it, hit me up… it’s from David Simon, the creator of the Wire (another HBO classic) based on the book by the same name.

- Farragut Foster

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9 Responses to “GENERATION KILL”

  1. I was excited to see it myself. I’m a fan of Full Metal Jacket and Jarhead. It was more like a made for TV Jarhead. No violence. The characters were pretty thin. Lots of wisecracks, sex jokes and anti-minority/anti authority jokes. Typical HBO male fist pumping drama/comedy. It was Entourage with guns.

    It might get better.

    You need to get on that Mad Men tip on A&E. That’s the shit we all need to watch!

  2. I caught half of it & couldn’t sleep after watching it, I don’t know how you can send 18 20yr olds into something like that & think it won’t mess them up physically & mentally. Like Dick Chaney would say “so”.

  3. Never heard of this but I’m a HUGE fan of Simon and The Wire so I’ll definitely check it out. Good lookin Ciph.

  4. It wasn’t very good, but it could be promising. If you have seen Band of Brothers (WWII series) the first episode of that wasn’t very good but picked up steam afterwards.

  5. Show is amazingly accurate on how Fucked up our entire military is. Like Mumia said, “Military intelligence is an oxymoron.”
    The 1st episode shows mad fucked up racist , stupid, immoral behavior from soldiers. But don’t blame the soldiers, blame the generals who dont know what the fuck is up on the frontline.

    They give poor blacks, latinos and whites fucked up equipment, keep em pissed off and make’em drive hours on end without firing a single shot. No wonder cats was raping dudes in Abu Ghraib which was all top down directed initiatives.

    Can’t wait for the rest.

  6. i co-sign the above comment, i hope bush administration can watch this.

  7. Read the book, it’s hot. First episode left something to be desired, but it looks like it’s going to be worth the watch. Not sure how they are going to squeeze the entire book into 7 one hour parts.

  8. My advice: wait for the second episode to show up onDemand then watch the two back to back. I have a feeling the first was just a set up for the action to come.

  9. loved the first ep

    the story was a little slow at certain parts but there was some funny shit to keep you interested too

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