Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…



my bad guys… sh*t got kinda crazy! It’s all good now though. we deed it.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JUAN EPSTEIN 6-29-08 (via megaupload)

- Cipha Sounds

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23 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN 6-29-08 (IT’S LIVE! F*CK IT!!)”

  1. Chea! Productivity level down to 0%.

  2. Cipha is up on his shit right now

    Rosenberg is slackin

  3. Ciph you’re da man! Thanks for the new JE

  4. shit you’re out of sirius? Won’t be shit on sirius in the morning to listen to now.

  5. time to cancel my serius subsciption.

  6. my sirius script too.

  7. Ciph, your a good dude.

    But you eat like Rosenberg. Your Cheeto’s sound was worse than Rosenberg’s hairy back swallowing a fat Macdonald’s cock meat burger.

  8. People always finish chips like a soda to the mouth.

  9. Rosenberg has uterus walls

  10. Like the tree to the keebler elves, castle grayskull to he-man and gutters to crackheads, its the place that Cipha calls…WTF no more Cipha Sounds Effect on Shade 45!?!?!?!….Flags will be flying at half mast today.

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  12. Fuck. I’m Jamaican and the homophobic nature of most dancehall tracks is just abhorrent. Almost every hit track is about killing gay people.

    This music is a big part of why I try to distance myself Jamaican culture in general.

  13. I love how cipha sounds is so insecure and doesn’t want the world to know he knows he goes on the internet alot.

    You been on seratos forums and your new to using blogs?

    I’m sure you know what a blog is my friend.

    You always surf youtube aswell.

    It’s ok to admit it, you wont look like a loser.

  14. you were sonning Ish today. on your “a-hole” game, i think its a healthy release for you (pause). the big pun story was dope. thanks for fixing the links!

  15. damn ci’pha you done fucked up my mornings son. What’s the deal with you leaving sirius. Who’s going to hold sexy angela down. Congrats big dawg. Sirius isn’t going to be the same.

  16. my mornins at work wont be the same, cipha you are a king at what you do

  17. 1. someone needs to explain to me the reason we used the Indian Chief on the video test pattern back in the day?
    2. need more intern photos
    3. ur going to HELL for the banging GOD’s black pussy comment
    4. Pete, playing PAUSE is anti gay. if you think Gay’s deserve the same respect as anyone else, you would be confortable enough in your masculinity to ingnore the urge to bring attention to any comment that sounds “gay” you cant have it both ways.

  18. Question:

    Everybody knows breakdance was a true part of hip hop from the very start.

    What about the locking style made famous by the late great Fred “Rerun” Berry from What’s Happening? Should Hip-Hop as a whole respect Rerun’s dance like it does breaking or not. I say it’s a really close, close call.

    That shit is messing with my fucking head. Solve the mystery for me.

  19. I would eat a big mac out of the interns ass. God I’m so pathetic, and my sex life consist of


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  22. check this out…

    this is mine…

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