Cipha Sound's "make YOU laugh" lab…



After listening to this episode if you find the serato stuff on the floor hotter than the chick… you are not alone my friend.



- Cipha Sounds

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21 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN BONUS!!”

  1. Dope Episode! Thanks.

  2. rosenberg was so jealous of ciph for eating a burger…what a hungry jew…

  3. what the fuck is a sertato? this episodes wierd

  4. Yeah Ciph.. I find the stuff on the floor hotter. My favorite nerdy Dj story growing up was… I went to go see Paul Van Dyk once (during my electronic music phase), and some chick somehow got passed security and went to go hug him.. she almost hit one of the decks, and he knocked her down.. the music was more important than some chick trying to hug him.

    And I totally feel you about going out places and cringing when you hear the dj fucking up.. I always do that…

  5. Perfect listening while I load up my serato and watch Jay-Z body Glastonbury.

    Congrats on the new spot at Hot

  6. man I really appreciate juan ep when you guys get into this dj shit cuz that’s what I tune in for….the dj stories, if ya wonderin how ya downloads are getting thousands and thousands of download its mainly because u got hella djs tunnin in now, I blast this show to all the djs I know and we all tune in for the crazy dj stories so a good portion of those downloads I guarentee are a few djs from the dj squads im apart of, keep up the good work fam.

  7. thank you for getting this show about serato. As a DJ nerd, it was bliss! I run a PC for serato and its been good. as far as microwave DJs (and I live in the city of them – San Francisco), i think eventually your skills will shine regardless. Just like film students with a video camera. Ciph, your words about the art of DJing are much needed/appreciated. I think that topic itself need its own post.

    have you seen this video?

  8. What promotion did ciph get??? I’m from Belgium ..

  9. […] extra Juan Epstein to hold you through your weekend. If you haven’t heard yet, Juan Ep will be hitting […]

  10. Let me say this… As a dj, Serato is the best investment you can make. I know a few djs who try to be like “Man I only play vinyl.” But what I really think they mean is they don’t have 1500 bucks to get their microwave game up. What they don’t realize is that over time they’ll be saving more money if they drop that 1500 for a setup. I’m not saying you should get all of your mp3s for free but cmon that shit is everywhere if you need it.
    Me personally, I’ll take em. I got enough records in storage to worry about aquiring more records. For any dj that’s not a professional and can’t write off music expenses on their taxes(like me) I definitely recommend serato and as long as djing is a HOBBY for me I’m running with that. Thanks for the podcast btw.. I listen every week. Let me tell you one thing I don’t like about serato… Now everyone wants to be the “I can mix in and out of a song in 20 seconds guy.” Or the “I only play one verse of a song guy.” What kind of shit is that? Let a song play out sometimes…

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  12. WTF at the 13:50 mark…. Juanito drop a chicken crisper on the soundboard?

    aside from that. this was a great Juan Ep. one of the best because ur droppin information we can all use to step our game up. (or step up to game, as my case may be)

  13. what up Ciph.

    I’m a bit late on my comment. But LOL @ Taking the shit out of us Kiwis.

    I’m a DJ In NZ by the way. We got DMCs in August.

    PS: Check my blog if u wanna.. Its a NZ based DJ blog.

  14. /\ /\ /\ /\
    the above post is screamin for an EMINEM/AKON remix

  15. you know why i sold all my shit because every tuesday i was spending bout 100 a week. at that time i was in highschool, and i had bought my used tables with my eight grade graduation money. FUCK you lil bastards have no idea how lucky you are. not being tech. or even a wanna be dj anymore, hell even my favoriate store has closed. whaever whatever, i can’t wait to start all over again. i’m gettin this yesterday

  16. Did the Serato guys lace you up with those white vinyl control records?

  17. […] extra Juan Epstein to hold you through your weekend. If you haven’t heard yet, Juan Ep will be hitting […]

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