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THE TIME I DISSED KANYE… (what an idiot i am)


SOUNDBOMBING III, the Rawkus Records compilation album series that I did with Mr. Choc from the west side. People are always asking for this album and I only have like 4 copies left so it’s time to go web/digital. So for all my “underground” heads aka backpackers… please enjoy.

Now the funny thing about this album is that it took forever to record. I had gotten a few songs done and Rawkus jacked them for the Lyricist Lounge 2 album. Their show was popular at the time so they had to keep the momentum up and get the album out. Finally, through battles and wars , we finished recording. The day me and Mr. Choc went into the studio to actually mix the records to make the album, an up and coming producer was next door. He had done some Roc-a-fella records but wasn’t that known yet. He wanted to rap on the album but we couldn’t do it cause everything was ready to go. We had the wax pressed up, all the clearances and a release date. We wouldn’t have time to get the sample clearance for this guys song and we explained that to him. He came up with a great solution… he would spit an acapella verse for an interlude. Like a dick head I was like “naw, I think we are pretty much done with the album, maybe next time”. Yeah that guy was Kanye West …. did i say what an Idiot I was???? The verse was dope too, it wasn’t like it was a wack verse. This is why I always try to help out up and coming artist now… the guilt. I’m sure he doesn’t even remember that shit.

peace to the gods.



- Cipha Sounds

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32 Responses to “THE TIME I DISSED KANYE… (what an idiot i am)”

  1. Way to go Ciph.

  2. wow

    you didn’t do it live… you smill like garbidge

  3. Crazy story Ciph! Your a humble dude, you live you learn what else can you do son ?

  4. And you know that “Oh No” track by Mos & Nate was one of the tracks Rawkus used for LL2. While not better than SB2, this was doper than hearing “EVIL DEE IS ON THE MIX, COME ON KICK IT” throughout SB1. Crazy that this came out six years ago.

  5. what happened to rawkus, did they get too gassed or was it geffen?

  6. matt – dont know what you got till its gone homie, i miss hearin EVIL DEE IS ON THE MIX CMON KICK IT!.

    thanks ciph, i have this packed away some where. rhymes and ammo was my shit. this was like 2001-2002 right?

    werent you A&R for rawkus? who were you responsible for on this shit? where you with them back when SB1 / 2 and LL came out?

  7. Ciph did yall even record his freestyle and if so do you have it?

  8. @ universole: Don’t get me wrong, I think SB1 is incredibly dope (I still listen to Universal Magnetic & Fortified Live constantly). I just got annoyed whenever that drop was so much higher than the vocals. Can’t go wrong with most Beatminerz production.

  9. i love the beatminerz to death, but evil dee’s drop was all over SB1…it was worse than an early clue tape. it absolutely killed that tape for me.

    Soundbombing 2 was the best one IMO….”crosstown beef”, “any man”…most of the tunes on that tape were straight fire.

  10. I actually owned this at one point, but it melted and warped in my brothers car. That idiot put it in the visor CD holder…

    Thanks for bringing this back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes it’s fun to do bad things. Bye the way, Latarian is going to be on Judge Judy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sweeeeeeeet!

    ciph, you should get together a new mixtape. the juan epstein mixtape??

    you and pete get some guests, get some freestyles or tracks from the guests, throw on the tracks and some interludes from some o the episodes … that shit would be hot fiyah

  12. Damn Ciph, I’d forgotten you were the one behind this set. I actually kept this SB in rotation for a while. “The Life”, “Crew Deep” and “Put It in the Air” ruled my summer that year. SB2 was always my fave, though, but that’s just a whole other era.

  13. @ soulsupreme: I can do hood rat stuff with my friends and the crazy shit is… he smokes with cig-aaahh-rettts

  14. @ Matt : dont even get me started on “OH NO”. I was stuck on that Chronic 2001 album and I said we need to get Nate Dogg on an East Coast track. No one had ever had him on a track like that. I was always a fan of west coast music especially all the dre shit. The A & R and other people at Rawkus said that would never work and it was a dumb idea. then a couple months later “OH NO” came out with Mos Def and Pharohe Monch . That was pretty much when I had enough and left my Rawkus days behind me… But they did ask me to come back and finish soundbombing #

  15. @ cobBS1: I really don’t know. It was kinda weird up there. There was a lot of money being spent on the type of music that doesn’t sell that well. I think shit got weird when geffen got involved but I can’t say for sure. But the owners were good dudes to me. Brian and Jarred gave me my first A & r job and taught me a lot of shit.

  16. @ universole : I wasn’t really responsible for any one project. I was like a consultant. I kinda had that underground / commercial balance and that dj ear. I was involved in Big L album, Pharoahe Monch album, Talib Kweli and Mos Def albums, and a whole bunch of 12 inches. I got mad Rawkus dj bags. and Crazy vinyl !!!!

  17. @ The King! : first of all, your brother is a douche bag…

    are you serious about Latarian?? That would be insane if he was on there?

    • Niki January 23, 2011 Read your how to on butchering riabbt !!! It’s actually easier if you hang the riabbt by the hing legs once you knock it out. If you want to know just email me, I learned from my parents years ago. It’s WAY easier, and not as messy as the way you do it but, to each their own. Enjoy good eats ..

  18. @ Lee : that definitely was a different era, but come on son, I been done this son. why u testing me . I got stripes kid !!! lol

  19. @Cipha

    Here you go good sir Latarian on Judge Judy in the fall… Would your show get tickets and allow us to text in 97th or something to go? I want to get punched in the stomach for eating chicken wings on the set or have him light my cig-ah-rette.

  20. hey ciph how can you call yourself a hardcore underground hip hop head when you havent heard of niggas like: little brother, supatition, foriegn exchange, kev brown, oddisee, baby blak, etc…

    tsk tsk

  21. you sound mad young on that CD Ciph.

    Thanks for the upload tho. i somkes cigahrettes while i listen 2 this

  22. While not as strong as SBII, SBIII got alot of burn from me. Yelling away is the sleeper joint on there.

    Lord Sear was involved in that too wasn’t he?

  23. One of my favorite mixtapes of all times!!!! White kids like rap music now!!!

  24. […] A Story from the Man Himself: SOUNDBOMBING III, the Rawkus Records compilation album series that I did with Mr. Choc from the west side. People are always asking for this album and I only have like 4 copies left so it’s time to go web/digital. So for all my “underground” heads aka backpackers… please enjoy. […]

  25. You never heard of Little Brother??

  26. i won promo copy of this of 1xttra back in the day

    so much i still even peep it in me car sometimes coz its sooooo hot

  27. nice one ciph … it would be great if you could put up SB I & II as well.

  28. And this is why I like Love the posts.

  29. Vast blog, by means of swain that wrote so often. The power factor that writes to-date knowledge :)

  30. Spectacular blog, by fellow that wrote so often. The biggest possibility a affairs that writes to-date bumf :)

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