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Damn… looks like the final battle in the DC vs. Marvel war will be waged on the big screen… and Marvel is kicking some serious DC ass. Sure Batman Begins gets props for saving a franchise that became a joke (sidebar- Batman is my favorite super hero of all time) but even Begins wasn’t better than Spider Man 2 which in my opinion ranks up there for its story line and CGI as one of the greatest comic book movies of all time.

And with Ghostrider, The HULK, Spiderman 3, X-MEN 3, Daredevil & The Fantistic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer — Marvel has definitely had more flops than DC (Superman) … but damn what a super flop that was.

See in the near future things only look like they’re gonna get better for Marvel. In 2008 Marvel gained complete control over the making and release of their films… and boy has it made a difference. Iron Man and Incredible Hulk were DOPE. From the character development to the CGI to the inside stuff that the comic geeks flip over (spolier alert – Mr Blue becomes The Leader). Both Iron Man and Incredible Hulk did what major studios probably couldn’t – they paid great attention to the story line and character development WITHOUT sacrificing the effects or fight scenes and GOT IT RIGHT.

Marvel seems to even be getting the tie-in concept better than DC too. The rumors of a Justice League movie with different actors playing both Batman and Superman is retarded. While Marvel on the other hand has cameos with it’s cross over characters (that’s some early 90’s Flava in Ur Ear Hip Hop sh*t right there).
The only kink in Marvel’s armor may be that before there can be an Avengers movie, Marvel plans to release a Thor movie… and I don’t see how they can make a film about a bear chested blond haired Norse god named Thor without it coming out mad gay.

- uno out!!

- Farragut Foster

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9 Responses to “MARVEL SMASH!”

  1. U right Ciph. DC definitely needs to step their game up. A JLA movie would be mad wack. DC has some GREAT characters for the big screen…dont’ know why they can’t get their act together. A Green Lantern movie would be phenomenal. A Flash movie, too. I mean, they can’t even get Wonder Woman off the ground yet? Marvel’s definitely dominating right now….

  2. @ T1 – exactly. (btw – Ciph didn’t write this post homie… check the bottom byline)

  3. Dark Night better be fuckin extremely dope or im fully on board with marvel. all i can say is i’m all in for the comic book movies in 08-09, i’m ridin this one out, i just saw hulk and im so amped for iron man 2, but i feel you on thor, they should just ride the avengers through

  4. you think spiderman 2 was better than batman begins? is you crazy?

  5. @ Miles – yeah man… don’t get me wrong Batman Begins was ill but Spider Man 2 weaved together the actual comic book story better (Ra’s Al Ghul didn’t teach Bruce Wayne sh*t in the comics) and I know this is getting a bit anal, but I hated the fighting scenes of Batman Begins… the director chose to use close ups when Bruce was in the Prison and for most of the flick… so all you get is a lot of shoulder and headshake action…. Spider Man 2 was mad CGI and ish… but that fight that started on the side of the building and ended on the train was DOPE.

    • That’s pretty good aaulclty Beating the fans on the message boards with something like this. I haven’t seen what its about yet but will this coming weekend. Have a good Turkey Day!

  6. I was about to say… Ciph a comic nerd now?

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