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tipping point

Latest edition of The Juan Epstein podcast. We ask the questions, Is juan epstein over?? Should we sell out?? If we sell out will it change the show??? and tits. A well rounded show for you to enjoy. Let me know what you think.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JUAN EPSTEIN 6-22-08 (73MB via sendspace)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JUAN EPSTEIN 6-22-08 (73MB via megaupload)

- Cipha Sounds

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46 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN 6-22-08”

  1. don’t cancel it, add a third member to change the dynamic.

  2. lol@ rosenberg cryin bout all the haters.

    another great show, thanks.

  3. Two things:
    1. Young people can be underground heads, too (myself, for instance; I’m 18)

    2. Jay-Z said he wants to rhyme like Common Sense, not that he wishes he could. He knows that if he wanted to, he could rhyme like that, but he dumbs his shit down instead and makes insane amounts of money.

  4. that auto-smiley thing messed up my post. I meant to say I’m 18.

    I also have friends who are younger than me whose favorite record is Down With The King.

  5. put juanito on the show keep this going its a good show lol you already sold out with mtv

  6. If you want to make money off of the show, make a website ( is already taken, so I’d suggest something like and put ads on it. Use Google Adsense or something. You’ll make money based on how many hits the site gets, so it likely won’t be very much (at first, anyway), but it will be something.

  7. lol @ rosenberg crying about the haters

  8. And the beginning of Respiration is Spanish: “Escuchela.. la ciudad respirando” (Listen to it… The city is breathing)

  9. By the way, that record you guys were playing as a joke will definitely get big if you play it and hype it up enough. I know this for a fact because until I turned 14, I used to be one of those people who liked almost any song played on the radio just because it was played on the radio. This may not be true nowadays with the advent of internet file sharing, but when I listened to the radio, it was pretty much the only method I had for finding out about new music.

    In time, people will love that shit, just like I used to love “Oochie Wallie.”

  10. how are these haters imitating me? isn’t each screen name tied to an e-mail address to stop this shit from happening?

    get your own name. why pretend to be someone else when you spew hatred? because you’re afraid of possible repercussions? that’s some bitch shit.

    peter: if you’re reading this, i love your show. i wouldn’t hate on a website under an alias, because those are bitch-made tactics.

  11. @vgambit on the comment grind today. good work.

    ciph – congrats to you and peter on the big days of downloads. i really think people are catching on. don’t worry – you guys are far from selling out but ideas like last week def put some flavor to the podcast.

    on a final note, holla at pete but something we got bubbling.

  12. my work day isnt complete without this!

    930-12 cipha sounds effect shade 45
    12-4 jaun epstein
    4-6 all out show

  13. I like the social experiment. That track is comedy. Another podcast for the haters.
    Show idea: Have MCs come in, play their tracks, and have them comment on them as they play ala DVD commentaries. Not quite “Behind the Boards,” but something I’d enjoy. How did such and such line come about, origins, rhyme style. And if not, no video games for a whole weekehhhhhnd.

  14. To everybody,

    1. Did you know that Lil Wayne’s A MILLIE wasn’t originally his beat.

    THE LOST STORY to A MILLIE: the original before LIL WAYNE

    2. If you think Soulja Boy “Crank That”, Hotstylz “Lookin Ass Nigga”, and Frontpage “Who’s Gonna Show Me Some Love” is dumb, then here’s something that will make you LIKE TO DO HOODRAT STUFF WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

    ANSOM: i-o-e-n-o

    i-o-e-n-o, whhhhhuuuuuutttttt….

  15. ciph, i like your comedic dj style coz you keep it real. but pleeeeease dont make out that you dont ‘have alot of cake’.

    it may be true but its fcuking depressing, niggas dream to be a dj on americas most important and well known hiphop based stations plus you on mtv.

    dude your fcuking CIPHA SOUNDS. niggas appreciated hearing someone cutting and scratching on the westwood show.

    ciph, i know that you was talkin about clinton sparks when you was talking about them shit djs caking up from biting DJ AM, i just know it!!

    sparks is one corny muthafcuka!!!

    p.s IM FROM THE UK.

  16. for all those who complain about sendspace, it’s not because they don’t want to download the file, (because with zshare, you are still downloading the file) it’s because the file can’t be listened to as it downloads (called streaming) I agree with this, i keep my temp internet files folder open and if i like the show, i can drag it to my music folder, but at least i can decide while it’s downloading in the background.

  17. FUCK ROSENBERG, good look Ciph.

  18. yo ciph, i saw you had the tipping point pic up there, classic book. i remember that one juan ep where u talked bout reading the self-help books. just a heads up, check out freakonomics if you haven’t already. it’ll get you thinking for sure. be easy homie.

  19. where a pic of the intern broad at

  20. that summer joint reminds me of fat joe & r kelly – we thuggin

  21. @ miles davis : sorry about the imposters. I got my boy working on a solution.

  22. @ vgambit : im not saying that young cats can’t be underground heads, im just saying that its getting to be not as many. and dont get it twisted. this new hipster/nerd rap stuff is not what im referring to as underground. that is a different thing.

  23. @ vgambit : i get what you are saying and that is the point we are trying to make but oochie wally is hot.

  24. @ sotns : first of, Hot 97 knows its own power and I dont make jack shit there. But I know hoe to flip the name and get my outside money. Second of all MTV is the same way. They know Everyone wants to be there so they dont pay well. I mean don’t get it twisted, there is a good pay check but nothing to buy a mansion with. I make good money cause i work hard.

    3rd, no way am I talking about Clinton Sparks, thats my boy and he is not a fake dj. he been putting it down for years. Hes one of us that made it. he didnt just start yesterday and got all these gigs cause of who his manager is. he works harder than me.

    4th : I like turtles

  25. @ JSlo12 : I havnt read the tipping point yet but we discussed it on this podcast so now I wanna go get it. Also the author of freakanomics was on my shade 45 show and he gave me that book, but i havent read it yet either. It sounds super interesting but I just never have time to read . thats one of the reasons why I love to travel. so i can read.

  26. Yo ciph, with reference to your previous rant about not getting much work abroad, you should make that Tim westwood thing work for you, cos in england he’s the closest thing we got to us hip hop and to be honest hes a little, well…………. lets go with special! Further in support of this suggestion u need to remember that the pound is worth 2 dollars, thats an equation for mad cake! unfortunately theres nothing that i can personally do to make that happen, but i can assure you that i would happily pay the US equivalent of $30 to come see your set.

    P.S. – please do not cancel juan epstein!

    sanj – u.k.!

  27. ciph, I’m not sure what you mean by nerd rap, so I’m gonna list a few people:

    Y-Society ( )
    Edan ( )
    MF DOOM ( )
    Madlib ( )
    Blu & Exile ( )
    Jazz Addixx ( )
    Prince Ali ( )

    Are any of these guys nerds? Cause my friends and I listen to these guys, not Aesop Rock or some shit.

  28. I don’t think that’s Ciph….

  29. Im about to be 20 and i consider myself an underground head. I’ve been listening to hip hop since i was 13-14 and i havent stopped since.

  30. the show is dope no doubt. i download it every week.
    and i like the part 1 part 2 shit. becuz having one juan ep a week. sucks.

    also ciph not trying to come at you.
    but on some shows you sound mad bored or agitated.
    maybe you just busy. regardless though your funny as shit
    esp. when you get on rosenberg. haha

    but keep it coming and best of luck man.

  31. Dont underestimate the number of girls who are listening! And selling out would be if you stopped Jaun Ep! It’s my crack. I need it! I wish there was a new one everyday!

  32. ‘Internets’ is getting to serious. Im just gonna subscribe to Juan ep and not visit these sites anymore. I missed Juan ep being a nobody, when the few people that knew about the show said meaningful comments.

    bah keep it up guys

  33. CIPHer!! First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for Juan Ep every week. I don’t care if it’s late, I don’t have any suggestions on what to do or not to do.. whatever y’all are doing is perfect. I wanted to thank you for the extra episode last week… I didn’t listen to part one til I was able to download part two.

    I know how annoying it gets when people try and tell you what to do. I own my own CD shop, and every day I got people coming in with their own suggestions… Big ups, Ciph and Rosenberg!!!

    I’m being semi-gay and I’m gonna post this on Rosenbergs site, too.

  34. Yeah, I see ur point, Ciph, but it’s annoying as hell when people state the obvious, I import all my stuff from Greece. When people come in thinking i’m some little kid saying that I gotta do this and I gotta do that… I take all I’m only 31, I look young so people assume I know nothing.. I’ve had the store 10 years, I know my business.

    I was just responding to yours and Rosenbergs comments about saying thanks.

  35. just realized half that post made no sense. What I meant to say was, I import all my stuff from Greece, and with the exchange rate being so high, I have to adjust what I bring in.. Random ass people come in thinking I don’t know what the hell I’m doing cuz I look young.. It’s just frustrating hearing people say what I need to do.

  36. @ Goldyfox23 : Im sorry if I underestimate how many girl fans we have, but how many girlfriends of yours listen to juan ep?? just curious. I would love more girl listeners…

  37. @ everyone : I DID NOT WRITE THIS (and everyone that writes under someone elses name is super duper GAY )


    @ Yianni : I don’t mind when people tell me what they want. My job is to please the consumer. Even if you have a cd shop you got to listen to the people or else you will go out of business.

    Thanks for listening

    p.s. rosenberg is semi gay

    cipha sounds – June 24, 2008 at 10:48 pm

  38. @ everyone : once again I did not write that comment however I don’t mind the “rosenberg is semi gay” comment.

  39. 40th!

    it’s easy to be an underground nerd nowadays with the internet and all

    but as for cipha, he’s doing it how he’s supposed to when you’re a broadcaster, you do shit that gets your brand up until you can do shit you really wanna do

    look at Keith Olberman,, Craig Kilborn and everyone else that used ESPN as a launching pad to mainstream news broadcasting…ESPN doesn’t pay shit like Hot97 doesn’t pay shit but once people saw them on TV all the time, it legitimized themselves as broadcasters

  40. I dont think any of my girlfriends (pause) listen to Jaun Ep. But none of them are like me!!

  41. The Tipping Point…great book!!!

  42. why i’m commenting on this like 4 months after the fact is beyond me, but the Mos Def line in question was “broader than Barrington Levy, beleive me”, referencing Levy’s “Broader Than Broadway”. gems.

  43. […] Get it from Rosenberg or from Ciph. […]

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