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I almost flunked out of high school because I didn’t like going to gym. I fucked up a great gpa, but I’m just not into sports… SORRY. But if I would have known that I would be able to make dope music like my boy Travis from Gym Class Heroes, I probably would have went a little more. I ran into Travis at this pre summer jam party here in New York where his artist Tyga was performing. He told me he was working on a mixtape where he’d be flipping all 80’s joints. And then he played a crazy song he did with The Dream called cookie jar… and guess what cookies are???? yup chics, broads, dame, honeys, etc . I heard his label had them take this down but Travis called and had them put it back up… Thanks Trav.

- Cipha Sounds

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15 Responses to “I NEVER WENT TO GYM GLASS…”

  1. first!…

    still got it

  2. heeey i was there hahaa

  3. yo, that shit was sounding dope!

  4. ps: i failed grade 9 gym class…because i never went.

  5. Trav is going places… he is one of THE realest, down ass n***a’s i’ve ever met and conversated with…

  6. trav seem like a chill ass du’

  7. Dope any word on when we should be expecting it?

  8. the cookie jar I like girls joint sounds hot

  9. I love travie,He always comes out with the dopest shit ….

  10. the song sounds hot for the summer cant wait for the full version

  11. that shit was dope….
    like seriously i cant wait for that shit to come out
    hopefully for summer

  12. I just wana know what’s the music they’re listening to on the video… Could someone tell me?
    PS: Travie I luv u!

  13. uhhh.. well if u didnt kno, the music is they’re listening to is from travis. i cant wait till this comes out.. also the new songs from new gch upcoming album sounds sick too! cant wait to get that as well.

  14. omg i’m loving every single thing played on that video, and i’m so hyped for cookie jar to come out !! i love it aready, and i luv you travie!! keep doin your thingggg.

  15. SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

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