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Sorry for the delay, but here’s Juan Epstein with a special interview with The Kid Daytona. We talk about dick head bouncers, approaching woman, and of course The Kid Daytona’s new mixtape “A Tribe Called Fresh”.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JUAN EPSTEIN 6-01-08 (71.6MB via sendspace)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JUAN EPSTEIN 6-01-08 (71.6MB via megaupload)

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31 Responses to “JUAN EPSTEIN 6-01-08”

  1. FINALLY !!! Holla at ya boi cipha (rosenberg too haaaaaaa)

  2. Gianna Michaels = trash

  3. its that fucking time of the week shit cant believe its been 21 already

  4. Episode Twenty Juan.

  5. best podcast in history…this episode was the best…..damn these hoes..

  6. The new Juan Ep was cool…more time shoulda spent on actually asking daytona more questions…no offense to rosenberg but Ciph you gotta start checkin’ him when he leads these joints on some howard stern shit….


  7. This Episode ESTA DE PINGA!

    And I meant that in a good way.

    I Like Turtles!

  8. my week is set now. u guys never cease to bring that comedy/every-man insight.

    and yo ciph, i peeped that blog post dj soul did about you that you mentioned on the earlier juan eps. i dont think dude was dissin u at all, sayin he was givin props to one of the few blogs that are actually worth rockin wit. that shit was a good look.





  9. I googled that english pornstar chick, and she wasnt even that nice. Rosenberg is tripping. You could floss that bitches front teeth with shoe laces.

  10. lol she does have a gap but she also has a fatty

  11. […] JUAN EPSTEINĀ 6-01-08 addthis_url = ‘'; addthis_title = ‘Daily+Recap+-+6%2F2%2F08′; addthis_pub = ”; […]

  12. Gianna is the baddest white bitch in porn…she got tig oles and is a disgusting slut…that’s how they supposed to be

  13. sophie dee looks better with her mouth full. real talk.

  14. that bouncer story was hilarious. the robot is now mandatory to punk anybody. i haven’t laughed out loud in a minute. see you in cali soon!


  15. yo cipha i just got finised listening to daytona’s tape great selections love the bonita apple and the memory lane very great story tellin quite witty whats funny is that when that nas beat drop i was like damn thats shit just went heavy daytona great tape from Chi-town to NY Original Swag i peep game

  16. “U do some BITCH SHIT and I have to SON you” loooool
    Big Up from Paris, France
    and yeah “I Luv Turtles” Iz Da Movement !

  17. just got it thru itunes.. just need theintern to get my cup of tea then it’s on!

  18. That’s a really good Juan Ep.

  19. the bouncer story was hilarious, bouncers HATE turtles,

    in other news, Tribe Called Fresh is bonkers, i had high expectations to begin with after all of the hype you gusy had on it but i think it exceeded them. well done guys, I’d pay for this ish, Juan hooks me up for free.

    shit on ninjas all day … i’m so poooped!

  20. train stories are always funny…it’s cool to hear there’s high class model hoes getting trains run on them and not just local busdowns

  21. yo ciph, id like to hear more about your working on the 25th hour. I watched that film and never knew it was you. ur name was truth right. anyway you should also talk about being the dj on chapelle show too. great podcast again

  22. LOL @ ciph started doing the robot

  23. HEY Cipha. Show’s crazy. Im a big fan of Juan Eps.
    By the way Im from Latvia. Have you been here? If i remember right Nina Sky was in Latvia about years ago.
    So Juan is International

  24. We need Kardinal for a podcast. Dope show. The debate on cultural differences between y’all is like different tribes in the Amazon. No Latarian mentions let me down though on this episode.

  25. Another great Juan Ep.

    I saw 25th Hour in theatres when I was in school. This was before I was major into hip hop/DJing. Without a doubt, the highlight of seeing that movie in theatres was the club scene. The cuts sounded crazy. I remember when that one guy walks out of the bathroom and they were only coming out one side of the speakers in the theatre. It sounded awesome. That memory stuck with me for a long time (it wasn’t the same on DVD though). Until this week’s Juan Ep I had NO idea that that was you Cipha. Thats awesome, I give you much respect for that. Even if they pro tooled your cuts/put them off beat – to the average viewer it was DOPE. To me that was one of the many experiances that got me interested in DJing, which a couple years later would lead to buying my own setup. Thanks Ciph.

  26. Didn’t want to have people confusing the Gianna’s…
    Ciph- Loved the interview…you don’t need a whore in your life…you’re too good for a whore. Lyrics 2 Go is fire…as expected.

  27. Cipha- ur the best, I love you. Uor sooo innocent, u can’t even use your fame to fuck bitches. Its adorable. U a real down to earth kind of guy, and don’t woory u will win in the long run

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