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I’m back and I gotta blast ya’ll with the biggest treat of the week!!


“A TRIBE CALLED FRESH” MIXTAPE (65.6MB via sendspace)


- Cipha Sounds

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65 Responses to “A TRIBE CALLED FRESH!!!!!!”

  1. FIRST!

    i’m kidding, fuck blog nerds who say “first”.

    this kid daytona got some spit! big up for getting kardi on it too, one love teedot!

  2. Hes good. I liked the track with CNN. Hope a pt2 of this comes out soon

  3. Been waiting for this..

    good ish

  4. dope mixtape Ciph

  5. I always thought Daytona was gonna be Puertorican for some reason. Mixtape is nuts, I have already featured it on my blog.

    I have approached Rosengberg already about me writing for his or your blogs as I understand that you are 2 busy HOT 97 related dudes but haven’t heard back. I have my own very successful blog but would bring my fan base and advertisement interest over to write for You or PMD if necessary.

    I don’t know if he thinks sayin “no” will offend me or some ish……

    appreciate any feedback.


  6. congrats on the drop of the new mixtape. I think I feel a Wale and Daytona battle going on for best mixtape this year! Holla at Pete when you get a chance, we have something in the works. Peace!


  7. Hey Ciph, much props on the mixtape. But I still gotta get at ya….FUCK A SENDSPACE (step ya zshare/megaupload game up!), lol…peace….

  8. A Tribe Called Fresh + A Mixtape About Nothing (in the same week) = my fucking life.

    I been playin the fuck outta that “Stressed Out” refix wit Estelle. Ya man Daytona goes in heavy on that shit.

    Props on the tape. 1

  9. was this dude wearing make up ? you can see the powder all over his face …

  10. Been waitin on this ever since you played that lyrics to go on the show.. Keep the good shit comin..

  11. Blogs is Watching Daytona!

  12. Ciph,

    Been waiting on this since I heard ‘Lyrics To Go’ on Peter’s show! Good lookin, seriously. Dayton MURDERS that Dilla beat! Even you gotta admit that beat is serious, maybe not haha… But thanks again and hit us with a new Juan Ep soon, I’m actually getting some shit done at work and thats no good.

  13. allhiphop used the title ‘A Tribe Called Fresh’ as the header for their website like yesterday

    made me come check the site to see if it came out

    that’s good promotion

  14. and ya’ll gotta get Daytona and Wale on the show…it can be like a up and comers episode…pause

    both mixtapes are hot

  15. i know u say if you aint got nothing to say ..

    but im not really feelin this.. the concept is dope but the guy dont have the right flow in his voice for these CLASSIC beats.

    but peeps seem to be on it so keep doin your thing

  16. @ miles davis: yo md, I appreciate the feedback. I’m just trying to make it happen. hhaa hhhaaa

  17. @ Arg reigns: we are working on the remix version now. its gonna be even crazier. appreciate ur support.

  18. @ everyone linking this to other blogs : snicka, hypen, ldn. (and whoever else )yo i really appreciate the support. I think this kid is indrdible and I gotta show the world. You know Im new to this and I and daytona appreciate yall spreading the fire around the world wide web.

  19. @ FRANCHISE : I heard that Wale shit is dope. I havnt heard the guy yet but I been hearing alot about him. I want to try and do something with him. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

  20. @ Arg reigns : Thanks for the props on the mixtape. We workrd hard on it. Daytona is gonna be on the next Juan epstein, so hes gonna explain.

    ps all yall is bugging with all these link comments. no one is ever happy. I really dont what to say. My manager uses sendspace to track everything so thats what it is lol. yall gonna have to start hollering at him. I just like writing funny stuff and putting up dope shit. technical is farragot fosters department. hhhaaaaaa

  21. @ lee : Thanks bro, i appreciaye that. we trying to shoot a video for stressed out this week.

  22. @ corry v : your a weird guy. he dont have powder on his face. did u even listen to the music. can u say something positive??

  23. @ ysl : oh yeah? why u say that. im always running around and I dont have time to sit on it like that and see whats going on. I always knew daytona would fit into this world. thanks

  24. @ just be : you know what? so far, all the dilla shit I have been listening to is fire but that beat is my favorite. That shit is all over the place.. sick beat. Kweli told us he had a song over that beat that never came out.

  25. @ yagga yo : dan son, thats some real shit. I appreciate that honesty. Do me a favor listen to it in the background as u do stuff and see if you like it any better. dont stare at the speakers and study it . sometimes it just gotta flow in a different way. either way thanks for the feed back.

  26. @ L-S : really?? dam I didnt even see that. that is dope. I must have a better team than I thought . lol

  27. Yo this is the true meaning of a concept mixtape, well thought out and the skits are funny as hell!!!!! I love the memory lane skit……lol….good job homie, i’ll be checking for daytona from now on!!! I have to clean some these joints for my radio show!!!

  28. i think the mixtape is good…but i dont know what type of artist he is…anyone can get on tribe beats and get props…i got to hear official joints from dude to judge him ….i gotta see his style in terms of full original songs….he seems like the avg swagg rappers….

  29. Whas goin on peoples… I realy wanted to thanx everyone for goin out and takin the time to listen to A Tribe Called Fresh! Positive/ Negative feed back is all appreciated… This is just the beggining, stay on the look out for original material comn real soon!
    Beach Boy 08′

  30. cipha….I find it disrespectful and a slap in the face that you got “estelle” to sing the “stressed out” chorus… offence but she butchered it….nobody can do it justice like faith evans….thats like tryna remake “paid in full”

    thats one classic you leave unotuched!

  31. cipha u heard c3
    if so what u think about it?

  32. Fire mixtape!

  33. holy shit, 34 posts?

    cipher, DONT GET GASSED!

  34. *watches Funkadelic playing on The Best Of Soul Train DVD*

  35. Oh this shit is fire!!!! We’re playin this shit all day in Antwerp, Belgium!!!! You’re international playa … cabo

  36. lmao @ Cory V…I didn’t know Stressed out was a classic

  37. *Hands in late pass*
    Mr. Sounds ATQF mixtape= Freshness
    How did you do the ladys voice on the interludes ?
    Is it that reading program on macs or a real lady ?
    Daytona gets my cosign
    I like my hot sex in a bowl

  38. “stressed out” isn’t a classic at all, definitely one of the lesser tribe songs compared to anything on MM. still a good song, but a “classic”? ehhhhhhh….not so much. that whole “beats rhymes and life” album is pretty much dead to me.

  39. Anything you attempt to remake needs to outdue the original…

    you think estelle did justice to the classic “stressed out” hook by faith evans?

  40. I think estelle did a good job on the hook …. your focusing on 1 song of the mixtape. I think you should judge the mixtape as a whole.

  41. dude relax man i said the mixtape is good….but i wont give this daytona a pass yet….i gotta see hear his original songs…anyone can sound good on classic tribe beats…..i just hope he isnt one of thoose swagg rappers

  42. cory, stop being a homotional hater. the mixtape is dope enough wothout you nitpicking every fucking detail.

    what’s next? “oh, that wasn’t q-tip rapping over the beat, it doesn’t do it justice”? fuck outta here, hater.

  43. well dude im not a yes man…..i will give honest input of dudes mic skills when he drops a original joint….and i said the mixtape was good….dont expect to get away with some nitpicking if your gonna do a tribe parody tape….your asking for critics with the concept…relax homie this isn’t a game of solitar its sound like a cheap jew…

  44. goddamn, corryv’s still all emotional after bein called out on the podcast for bein a fkin lame hahahahaha.

    “estelle doesnt do justice to faith evans!!!!!!!! you heeeeeeathen!!!! you traitor!!!!!”

    lmao @ u concentratin/pissin and moanin so hard about the chick on this mixtape.

  45. ciph… you have cleans for these….i heard rosenberg play a couple…

  46. @ DJ BOOMAN: I got every song clean already, just tell me what you need and your e-mail address and I will send it to you.

  47. @ anonymous whatever you want to send homie I do college radio so i can bang all these joints!!! however many clean joints you want to send I’ll spin..…..good looking fam!!

  48. @ webbie352: I haven’t heard it yet. I been running around crazy. did you listen to it? how is it?

  49. @ cabo : man, we international??? that is so dope to hear. Thank you very much. I cant wait to go out there… lets get it.

  50. @ Master_Splinter aka Johnny Zombie : thanks man, I really appreciate that.
    I think its some setting on the mac that say speech or text speech. My boy Solitair did that. He is actually the genius behind the sequencing and interludes. I cant front… I have a dope team.

  51. Just wanted show love to you Ciph and Daytona.

    The mixtape is bananas!

  52. Wow, I downloaded this over at illvibes and this shit is DOPE.


  53. What’s the track order of the tape? Listening to them in alphabetical order made the interludes sound a lil off.

  54. Ciph, I’m trying to get those cleans too,

  55. Amazing mix tape! It’s hard to follow Tribe lyrically, but I’ll hand it to the crew that did the job justice. Plus, the beats are timeless. 4 snaps and a swirl…5 mics and the cabbage patch dance. I think that’s a 10/10 or an A-.

  56. The tape is fire mos def, but considering the fresh monicker and the Tribe tribute, I think there is a disappointing large amount of gun talk.

    Why did you not simply keep it fresh?


    this tape soon to be on my blog…ah!

    Tahnx cipha

  58. Coryv is trippin, i thought estelle was nice for the hook on stressed out and Daytona killed it on his verses, its my fave of the whole tape

  59. damn, what kind of shoes are those? did youget those on 28th street? hats wack

    the ten fresh commandments are my ish

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  61. […] out” pentru mixtape-ul “A tribe called Fresh” care e liber la download AICI . Piesa e ok am intzeles, dar de ce era necesar clipul asta urat ? … n-am intzeles. Ah si am […]

  62. am I stressed click here…


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