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Speaking of Memories…

Ciph and I came across this classic vid of him, Tim Westwood, and Max Glazer doing a live show for bbc radio 1 from The World Famous Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem. wow… peep how skinny Ciph looks.

After your done checking that out check this out… it looks like our boy Bill O’Reilly is also a fan of Soul Food. Click the audio link below to hear his review of Sylvia’s.

Bill O\'Reilly

- Farragut Foster

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30 Responses to “Speaking of Memories…”

  1. MF’er I want more ice tea…

    Bill O’Reilly smells like garbage

  2. Damn! i wonder if Ja should have handled it differently looking back on the situation now.

  3. FUCK IT!!!!!!!!!! WE’LL DO IT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MF’er, i want some fried chicken and collared greens!”

  5. bout time you got on the on-site audio player tip, big up!

  6. YOOOO, Ciph you ever peep that classic Camp Lo “Uptown Saturday night ” joint?

  7. What were the instructions to the camera guy?
    “Ok, no matter what, keep it tilted and zoom in on stuff, cut, tilt and zoom, cut, tilt and zoom. Got it?”
    “Got it.”

    Ja Rule, you suck. Eli is more relevant at this point cause he deeed it

  8. To see Ja Rule saying 50 wasn’t in his league really puts the past in perspective. Now if 50 actually sued him, 50’s gangsta steez is even more fake than I already thought it was.

  9. RIP pmd

  10. what’s with all this RIP pmd shit? did rosenberg catch a hot one?

  11. pmd is no longer on hot97.

  12. Yoyo how do you know this

  13. he is doing a radio show in dc.

  14. yeah, how do you know?

    • Thanks! i use a strong dgerteent to wash my wash cloths in the bathrroom but i would actually love to clean it better sun it too! I will rinse like crazy where i am the humidity thicker wet face towels get all yucky if they dont get dried properly. thanks for clarifying.

  15. yo! that daytona – tribe called fresh shit is the truth. nice job on that one.

  16. Yo Ciph, that Tribe Called Fresh Mixtape is….. kickin’ on some ken and ryu shit!(c) Daytona

    Daytona is FIRE!

    Toronto represent I’m buying the album when he drop it:)


  17. rosenberg is in LA fucking gianna! I GOT FAITH, ROSENBERG! CUDDLE THESE HOES!

  18. That ‘lyrics to go’ joint (off Tribe Called Fresh) is fire! I noticed Wordplay is missing off it though. He was on the first version I heard for that joint with (Kardi/Joell & Daytona) he had a dope verse too. What happened with that ?


  19. Yo this is a link 4 pmd and daryl podcasts from dc in 2006 doing The Attic w/ Peter Rosenberg and Daryl Francis Podcasts.

  20. Oh snaps, Ciph was a hottie or should I say “is” ;)

  21. @ everyone : yeah I dont understand all this RIP pmd, what does that mean? I just did my show with him this morning. now he did smell like garbage but he wasnt dead… at least I dont think he was. maybe it was some weekend at bernies shit.

  22. @ everyone : that Ja rule shit is crazy. Looking back is always a weird thing.

  23. @ universole : appreciate the love on the daytona mix tape. thank u

  24. @ soulsupreme : i appreciate the love on the daytona mix tape. Yeah wordplay is dope but unfortunately he got caught up with some business with his manager and it got fucked up. I couldnt get him in the video…

  25. @ Ebonypearl : see, I like someone you know what they talking about. nyall better get your mind right like my girl Ebonypearl … wait I hope Ebonypearl is a girl…..

    • I resemble that reamrk (Gotcha #2)! When you’re writing rush code, you know that someday you’ll want to add exception/error handling, but not today. You need this feature done today doSomething() needs to be refactored into doneSomething()! now!I would humbly suggest that one would not blindly trust a tool that would comment out a line of code which actually calls a method just because the return value isn’t used. Likewise, saving the 3 nanoseconds loading/storing this unused boolean onto a call stack pales in comparison to the 3 hours one could lose tracking down an error in code that worked for months and that no one (alive) has touched!Thank heaven’s for source code control systems!VA:F [1.9.18_1163]please wait…VA:F [1.9.18_1163](from 0 votes)

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